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Yesterday, I shared a tutorial on how to personalize a gimbal for 3D Printing http://designmaketeach.com/2014/05/06/3d-design-personalize-a-gimbal/.

Today, I was struck by the idea of incorporating the gimbals into a yin yang symbol. I designed and 3D printed the pieces. The original idea is nice but what is really intriguing is how the components of the piece come together to create multiple forms.

I like the initial kinetic sculpture but would like to find a way to gently spin the middle ring. Any ideas?

I've also included a simplified visual tutorial for personalizing the gimbal. It can be  used as a stand alone graphic or you can play with the actual step-by-step models in Tinkercad at https://tinkercad.com/things/1Yc2pd9ojsM
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Hi Josh!
We really enjoyed your project and shared it in our weekly "Community Corner" post at Adafruit! http://adafru.it/drq Don't forget to join us for our weekly Adafruit Show and Tell whenever you have a new project to share! http://adafru.it/dfD
Thanks Kelly. Glad you liked the print.

I appreciate the support from the Adafruit blog and community. Have to admit that the Show and Tell is a little intimidating. Last episode someone was making a home nuclear reactor! Small 3D printing projects don't seem that exciting compared to the hard core electronics projects. 
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