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Incredibly kind words from the talented +Glynis Mitchell!
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"So! You might have heard that one of our great friends from the Seattle webseries community is having a Kickstarter campaign: Glitch. You may remember Glitch producer Josephine Hoy and supporting actor Trin Miller (who is also part of the Causality cast!) from our Women in Webseries Geek Girl Con panel. But did you see the amazing press that they’ve gotten? Those articles will tell you all you need to know about the premise: Joystiq, Techzwn, and The Escapist are all over this campaign and the show behind it. (I can’t write a better synopsis than these, so I’m passing the buck!) You should check those out — there’s at least one interview in there, too — and, most importantly, back their campaign! If you contribute at the $25 level, you get a preview of the pilot episode, which I can honestly say is funny, true to itself, and has great production values. That’s unusual in webseries, take it from me and other creators. If you’re like me and have played video games pretty much all your life, you will love this show. I guarantee it. Go ahead: watch Glitch!"
Did that say 25? I thought it was 35. I will change that. ;) But every word is true!
Oh, it's $25! Thank you! I appreciate it beyond words!
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