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I like numbers. Numbers are fun.
We've had a couple of polls about the Presidential Campaign go up on the FB and G+ groups lately, asking about people's leanings. Upon preliminary investigation, the G+ group tends to be more conservative, and the FB one more liberal. To test that, I threw a survey together in Google Forms, because I'm a nerd and numbers are fun.
I'd appreciate it if you would give this a glance-over, and fill it out if you can. The data is totally anonymous, and neither I nor anyone else will have the slightest idea who you are. You don't have to answer any of the questions beyond which websites you use.
After you complete the survey, it'll show you a breakdown of all the data so far, and I'll prepare a more comprehensive report after we get a decent amount of responses.
Thank you all!

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So, just out of curiosity, is anyone located in a Super Tuesday state? (A state that has its Primary or Caucus today.)
Also, poll, because polls are fun.
(Also, I'm assuming that I'm the only person here that might possibly vote for a Demoncrat, but G+ limits me to five options. IDK, comment for Lieberal/Demoncrat/Kommufascist FEMA Death Camps or something.)
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Marco Rubio
Ted Cruz
Donald Trump
Ben Carson
John Kasich

Does anyone else feel like MODG has a woefully inadequate Science curriculum? I was just having a conversation with another MODGer today where it was claimed that 'The force of gravity is not a constant, they've just done experiments many times before and now believe that it is infallible.' It was then clarified that no, this was not a joke.
I can't be alone in feeling that this is totally out of line for a Senior to be this... Ignorant? Obtuse? Fundamentalist? Unaware of the definition of 'prove'?

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So, we had a slight glitch with our automatic posts today... They were supposed to go up at 5:00 AM, but didn't. Anyway, Episode Six of Warbler is now online!

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Episode Five of Warbler is now online! Now with Space Shanties! (Like Sea Shanties, but spacier.) Check it out below!
Check back next Monday for a new episode!

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The next Episode of Warbler, my Web Serial, is now online! If you haven't checked it out yet, please, go and read, a post-apocalyptic, character-driven Science Fiction web serial.
Check back every Monday for a new Episode!

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Some of you will be familiar with the fact that one of my many hobbies is writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. A surprising number of those people have remarked that I am good at it. Therefore, I have decided to serialize my current project, Warbler, online.
It can be found at, and is a work of post-apocalyptic, character-focused Science Fiction. It updates with a new chapter every Monday.

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Dear Marvel,
To be clear, I'm not objecting. I really do like it, and it's not like everything you touch doesn't turn to gold anyway.
I just thought you were more honest than this.

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It's entirely possible I'm the only person to love these two IP's as much as I do, but...
#agentsofshield #shield #nightatthemuseum  
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