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A recent Ontario arbitrator’s ruling reminds us that the law and social media are in an ever-changing relationship. The Olympics’ once again aggressively enforce trademarks on social media. Instagram Stories are feeling good. And the trend to distributed publishing prompts a rethink of the hub and spoke content publishing model. Join +Gini Dietrich, +Martin Waxman and +Joseph Thornley for Inside PR 452.

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Speaking of crickets and ghosts... Inside PR 450 is all about Ghost Post's battle with Twitter.

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Inside PR 448 looks at Twitter Engage, YouTube's move to enable livestreaming video on our mobiles and why integrated marketing communications isn't ubiquitous.
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Let's talk about Stitcher and Midroll. Let's be candid. It's not good for podcasters like us. Just ask UNU. Predicting trends through the wisdom of the crowd. And of course, Microsoft thought it was pretty wise to hook up with LinkedIn. The Rolodex returns!
Is podcasting on the verge of tipping from a creator-driven medium to an advertiser-driven channel? UNU predicts the trends. Microsoft gets LinkedIn. And crises bring out the best in both social and mainstream media. Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman and Joseph Thornley tackle these topics and more in this week’s Inside PR podcast.Continue Reading →
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Chatbots, Snapchat, PR misadventures and Mary Meeker’s Internet trends. Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman and Joseph Thornley tackle these topics and more in this week’s Inside PR podcast.
Chatbots, Snapchat, PR misadventures and Mary Meeker's Internet trends. Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman and Joseph Thornley tackle these topics and more in this week’s Inside PR podcast.Continue Reading →
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Inside PR 443 is live. +Gini Dietrich, +Martin Waxman and I take a deeper look at the real issues we should be discussing about Facebook as a media outlet.
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Facebook calls the tune on this week's Inside PR podcast.
This week, Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman, and Joseph Thornley chat about more changes to Facebook and their impact on our news consumption and publishers. Oh, and we couldn't let Boaty McBoatface go by without comment.Continue Reading →
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Twitter opens verification to everyone. Yahoo closes an era. Anthony Ponce is a backseat rider. And the New York Times Public Editor shines a spotlight on the importance of perceived bias. Join Gini Dietrich, Martin Waxman and Joseph Thornley as they discuss these topics on this week’s Inside PR podcast.
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Snapchat is more than ephemeral with Memories. Pokemon Go rules the world. And we pick up on Walt Mossberg’s discussion of our fragmented messaging environment. +Gini Dietrich, +Martin Waxman and +Joseph Thornley tackle these topics in this week’s Inside PR podcast.

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On Inside PR 447, we talk about the first sponsored content in Facebook Instant News from the Washington Post and The Atlantic. Also, Gini interviews Jason Keath on The Future of Social report.
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Inside PR 444 is live. This week, we talk about the PESO model of PR, understanding Apple Podcasts Connect and protecting our PR firms from defamation litigation. And we say Allo to Google along the way.

Are you using the PESO - paid, earned, shared, owned - model of PR? Trying to understand why Google is introducing another new chat app? Trying to figure our how to use Apple's new Podcasts Connect portal. Or just trying to protect your PR company from defamation litigation arising from online activityContinue Reading →
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Inside PR is ten years old. And we celebrate with an interview on creativity with Disney's Duncan Wardle.

Inside PR turns 10. And we talk with Disney's Duncan Wardle.Continue Reading →
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