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I think a good discussion topic for an upcoming episode of FIR would be the challenge a rapidly evolving communications environment presents for Professional Certification. It seems to me that, since the advent of social media, the practice of PR has changed so substantially that certifications received as recently as 5 years ago are no indication of competence in contemporary skills.

Changes to the media system and the end to the news cycle. The integration of digital, marketing and paid advertising. The need to master new measurement systems. In this rapidly changing environment, isn't certification doomed to always be a "rear view mirror" exercise?
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Agreed. I would add that the same applies to degrees in PR, advertising, marketing, journalism, integrated strategic communications & other communication degrees focused on career preparation. I work at a liberal arts college & I'm involved with a state school as an alumnus. What always strikes me is that the students are often ahead of the faculty vis-a-vis social media & other forms of new media. So how can an employer be certain that even a recent graduate has been educated about the latest ideas & practices? The additional trouble in the U.S. is that higher ed changes at a glacial pace, which is antithetical to what's happening in communication. Anyway, great topic idea.
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