Ft. Montgomery Island on Lake Champlain, NY.

A recent gig took me to Ft. Montgomery Island on Lake Champlain in the extreme northern portion of New York. In fact, the invisible border across Lake Champlain to Canada is just a few hundred yards away. Ft. Montgomery, built in 1844, is privately owned now and has been since 1926. Access is by boat, and depending on the water levels, there is also a tiny gravel access "road" surrounded by hundreds of acres of marshy lowlands with thickly overgrown vegetation. My plan had me arriving at 1am. I had hopes, via map studies and conversations, of being able to drive onto the island w/ all my gear, scout around in the dark, and start shooting before sunrise. 

As I bullied my way through the tall grasses and thickly bunched trees, my headlights eventually revealed a couple feet of standing water over the causeway leading to the tiny island with small waves crashing over top. I couldn't even see how far it went, given the darkness and twisting turns. While I debated my options, a helicopter circled overhead (I suspect using IR since they were not spotlighting me) and a half hour later I was greeted by 3 SUV's shinning very bright off-road lights. There were 2 NY State Troopers, one local Sheriff, and 2 Boarder Patrol agents wondering about my intentions. After seeing my access permission letter and running my credentials I was cleared. With their moral support and encouragement, I raised the drive height of my vehicle and forged onto the island. I then spent the next day and a half crawling all over this 1844 stone fort island. These are but a few of my favorite captures with some captions along the way...

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Ft. Montgomery Island on Lake Champlain, NY.
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