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Joseph Stoll
Fantasy about Fascinating Characters
Fantasy about Fascinating Characters

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I recently had a map designed for The Rift. It's San Luis Obispo as you've never seen it before...

Please share this, especially if you're a local.

The key to good writing:

Make things hard for your characters.
Then make them harder.
After that, you’re free to make things worse.

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My roommate just got an Amazon Bat Fire Stick, and we plugged it into our TV only to find exploding sharks and bat spray shark repellent.

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Ahh, memories of a childhood spent blowing into NES cartridges. It was almost worth all the pain for the excitement of finally getting it to work.

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The second book in The Rift series came out yesterday! $2.99 on Amazon.

It's so much fun watching this thing progress. Please share this post!

Thanks to my Beta readers Greg Ohlfs and M J Sewall. And to David Loftin for posing for the cover!

If you haven't read the first one, it's free via my website:

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Hey all,

I finally have "The Rift" published, both in print and eBook. YAY!

Today through Wednesday, you can get the eBook for free on Amazon.

Please download it! It's a quick read, full of action, and takes place in SLO.

Also, please SHARE this post (and mention the free promo when you share). I'm really excited for this story.

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Just got back my final, final, (no, seriously) final edit!

It's publishin' time.

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Lulz, upside-down map...
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