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Joseph Sinisi
Ill-balanced juggler of the stuff of life, kids, spouse, friends, work and coffee. Oh, and I also write fiction between catches.
Ill-balanced juggler of the stuff of life, kids, spouse, friends, work and coffee. Oh, and I also write fiction between catches.


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Very well articulated opinion piece about how the waves of the future are a disruption no one really knows how to deal with, and the anxiety that is causing in the electorate, and those taking advantage.

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Interesting (nonpartisan) article about the ways Nixon's tab tried to manage an erratic leader, why they were successful awhile and why they ultimately failed.

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I'm honored to have my short story "A GOLDEN YELLOW CAGE" published in Crime Factory's 19 Issue. And considering the talent I'm sharing the table of contents with, this one was a biggie guys. 8 other authors weave nasty little tales along with some great non-fic as well.

My story:
When a blackmail goes wrong, Felicity, an unlucky stripper falls into a distorted web of deceit, as the couple she's sleeping with tries to wring every dollar out of her lucrative football client. But despite his riches, the footballer never lost his street cred, or his crew...

I curled my head into my hands on a pair of dirty plastic chairs bolted to the floor. A junkie nodded in the corner and three cops walked past him without saying a word. I may have fallen asleep. The ruddy sunrise crept up the walls the color of blood. Another cop walked by and patted my ass with his baton.

“Morning sweetheart. Time to head home.”

I stirred and lifted the heavy weight of my skull off the yellow plastic.

“I don’t have a home.”

“Join the club. The mission on Douglas is serving breakfast if you can make it before they run out.”

“Thanks.” The words scraped through my mouth.

“Just don’t be here when I get back.”

He moved on to the junkie next, and then the old lady with the little baby swaddled in filthy blankets after that. We all shuffled the seven blocks to the mission together but I ate my free breakfast alone.

This mag is doing the heavy lifting of publishing new and upcoming crime writers, at a time when so many other venues are shutting down. Please support them (and me ;-)) by buying a copy (only 1.99!!) THANKS AS ALWAYS FOR EVERYONE'S SUPPORT!


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She so articulately states what I've been feeling for a long time and have not been able to put into correct words. A problem I am currently having and dealing with in my fiction along with I'm sure so many others. Feeling trapped that you MUST include diversity, but that at all times that diversity is severely scrutinized and used against you just by its very existence in your work. It can be paralyzing. #amwriting

"The ultimate endpoint of keeping our mitts off experience that doesn’t belong to us is that there is no fiction."

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Moon Shots. All taken from my various telescopes. Will be posting more celestial pics at some point. They are mediocre but still fun. #astrophotography
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Segregation? What segregation...

Additionally, I like stories where people are using drones for things other than killing people or delivering more useless sh!t to someone's house.

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The title of this article is misleading, but it raises the good and just point that others are finally starting to ask, how relevant is each country's narrative about the atomic bombings. That somehow sacrificing 200,000 civilians is justifiable in a political sense, should be questioned on more than one occasion.

"There is one other point. The atomic bombings were a continuation of civilian bombing, area bombing, carpet bombing, that every country did in World War II. It was universal. So if we are talking about the lessons of Hiroshima, we need to talk about the lessons of civilian bombings generally."

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So now I know  Spherical Mexican Hat Wavelet Method is an actual thing, so that's pretty cool.
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