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Joseph Ruiz
Integrated Marketer, SoMe Explorer, Connector
Integrated Marketer, SoMe Explorer, Connector


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A really instructive article with some examples and bonus resources. A guest post written for my friend +Rob Petersen he always provides lots of informative and useful information. Even if you are familiar with the concept I think you'll find this useful.

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Some wise counsel and observations from a sales veteran. I love the fact that new tools don't replace tried and true practices. In fact in many ways these new tools can be even more effective when layered on a solid foundation. Great resource and there are some really helpful links too. +Craig M. Jamieson is a real pro.

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Good case for having social media policies, but even more important, for taking swift action when those policies are violated. 

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I realize I am preaching to the choir..... Key is in the execution

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If you want to create and maintain a differentiating customer experience consider some of these design thinking principles. #CXO  

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+Bill Quiseng and +Annette Franz  are on the list!! Well done you two. It's a good list.

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Personalization is key to being relevant, earning trust and selling. 


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Getting better employees without replacing them is a great strategy. According to +Daniel Pink Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose are the drivers. #CXO #customerexperience  

Happy New Year +Joseph Olewitz wishing you a bountiful 2016 my friend.

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Time to tear down the walls that get in the way of great customer service.
Five Must-Have Components Of A Modern Customer Experience

"In customer service today there are walls at every turn–there are walls for agents and walls for customers. There is no fluidity. Fluidity in customer experience puts you light years ahead of your competitors. It is the number one, no-brainer way to flood your gates with customers (in a good way)." +Blake Morgan 

#customerexperience   #cx  
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