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Book idea: All energy sources disappear causing people to find modern technology useless and wishing they had more tools and means for survival. The only problem is that I'm not sure how to get to the point where gas and electricity and other energy sources are gone. Any ideas? :)
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There's always the classic post nuclear apocalypse. Or, some sort of global EMP destroys all the circuitry in the world. But neither way gives you the option for people-using-their-cell-phones-until-the batteries-run-out tension. 
then the nerds in rural towns using hand-cranked HAM radios will rule the world!
Post-nuclear apocalypse is way overused.
Agree about the overuse of the post-nuclear apocalypse.
Not sure how you could justify a hacker attack on all power plants across the whole globe. Unless...

Environmentalist take down all power plants except solar, only to realize that it takes more energy to manufacture solar panels than they can produce in their lifetime, which means the world has to survive on solar power (obviously not enough for everyone) until those plants can no longer be kept up.
Hmm....that's an interesting angle. What about petrol? If electricity goes out, is there any way to continue manufacturing it?
what about generators powered by tidal differences-->thames river
Looks like it would be hard to get rid of all power sources. However, you may not need to. If there simply isn't enough power for everyone, then there can either be a semi-fair rationing for all or a class type separation between the haves and the have-nots. Your book could focus on the have-not majority if you need there to be no power. 
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