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A little humor contributed by a pretty smart, young fellow.

Thanks for sharing +Joe Puglisi
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Should replace the Mac as seen by Mac fanboys with an image of the Mona Lisa.
The existence of Windows fans still boggles me. There's no there there.
Micro$oft, with the reach-around. Nice.
من هم با برو بچس linux موافقم.
Go to Hell Microsoft
if thr would have been only mac & no windows, v would not have seen the growth that v see today. bcoz u can not grow if u r in controlled environment.
without computers half of us wouldnt be alive
GNU/Linux, the best, longest standing, most solid operating system. That will be all.
Not a fan of any of them, but I am running Linux because of the blue screen of death, and I am too cheap for Apple, so maybe this matrix is spot on. Linux Fans Rule the World.
Ira Max
"I Like" - Chic McKnickNix
Laughing at everyone worshiping a broken OS. Every Linux distro I have tried has died because of dodgy drivers or because some stupid update has caused the OS to commit suicide. Also I tried Mac and felt like punching the screen, everything you do on a Mac takes 5 extra steps in order to do it! I feel like I am taking 1 step forward and then 5 steps backwards. Windows will always be the dominate OS purely because of the fact it works.
Jobs and Gate make soooooooo much money off of these fanboys - linux rocks ;)
+Joseph Richardson, my OS isn't broken. It does take a little more work and reading to get things working, I won't deny that. But the power you can leverage from it is unmatched by Windows<any version>. The initial cost is high, but the return is even higher.

Use Windows if you like it. No worries from me.
Shouldn't that guy at [2][2] be wearing a more current mask?
+Joseph Richardson and in regards to the "Windows is more popular" comment. McDonalds has billions and billions served, but I'm sure you know where to find a better hamburger. ;)
:)) i am window fanboys. Mac is just a kids toys -.-
Just remember to add 50 rubbers before the reach around. Linux 4 life here.
Lol. The majority of fanboys being represented in the comments are GNU/Linux fans. That, or I have selective sight. ;) Haha.
+Jon O'Neill It's a quote, some well known wit* used to describe a town so generic and unpleasant it might as well not exist.

* The witticism is better known than the wit. Google tells me it was Gertrude Stein.
Microsoft is actually pretty accurate. It's funny, though, since Macs ARE just expensive toys and Linux is over-encoding.

Microsoft Master Race here.
Using a homophobic term as a pejorative, +Christopher Prechter? Really? Leave that in /b/, cancer. By the way, Linux must suck pretty bad to pick their logo as a flightless bird whose only purpose is to get eaten and populate the most inhabitable place on earth.
Debian all the way...Mac is simular to Linux and windows BSOD all the time.
Is it just me our there seen to be only 2 fanboys, Mac on Linux, I never met a windows fanboy. Did you?
I like how MS is still represented by a BSOD, I haven't seen one of those in years. Can't say the same about Kernel Panics on OSX and Ubuntu's random unexplainable deaths and linux's general incompatibilities and lack of industry support.
That's not reach-around from MS. They're going for the wallet!
I'm not really a Linux fanboy. I just say it like it is. If you want to run Windows or Mac and like it, so be it. Enjoy it. Just don't go whining when your decision eventually bites you in the ass. I've done all three, and Linux is the most stable long-term wise decision anyone can make, because your stuff will STILL be there 10 years from now. That's UNIX for you. 40 years strong and things are still fundamentally the same.
Hey, no offense, but Windows and Mac is indeed, for boys. UNIX is for the big dogs.
I am a Windows fanboy, all other OS's are fag
yes new windows 8 copy of windows 7 but few differences can seek. Isn't it
+Richard Swartz youre not a fanboy my a**. Who has the same computer ten years from now? If you arent a fanboy i dont know what is. I use windows cause I'm cheap, not artistic and it's what "I" like. Everyone likes their thing for their reason. It's a motarded argument. Like ford or chevy. Grow up.
+Peter da Silva There are no Windows "fans", per se (and I say this as someone who writes Windows code for a living.) That's because Windows users correctly perceive it as a tool, no more and no less. And every tool is good for some things, and not for others. Windows people tend to be very pragmatic about computing: if it does the job, they go home happy.

The Macintosh is also a tool, but Mac users generally refuse to accept that fact, and deny that any other tool could be better at some things than the Mac. This means that most Mac users are, themselves, tools ... they just don't realize it. That, actually, was Steve Jobs secret.

Conversely, Linux people bask in glow of their chosen operating system's elemental toolness, and revel in the feeling of superiority they receive when they manage to convince the OS to actually boot. Most couldn't care less if there is ever a "Year of Linux on the Desktop", because that just means that the unwashed masses will start bothering them with stupid questions.
+Paul Milton It is not about having the same computer, it's about having the same software and workflow.
+Richard Swartz by the way. It is a computer. If i get to the point where i rely so heavily on my computer that it "crashing" bites me in the ass and causes me to whine... I need to take a look at my priorities. And im sure some genius will state that some people make their living on conputers, well there is a reason for redundancy!
I just find it funny that people feel superior because of their operating system... Whoopty dooo some like linux, some like windows, some like mac, I like to get shit done, who cares how I do it?
+Richard Swartz ten years ago your "workflow" was cruising aol at home. Now its cruising facebook at a coffe shop. In another ten who knows. Look, i just said that you were full of it for saying you werent a fanboy of linux and then proceeding to knock all others. 
Let's be honest, everyone these days, regardless of OS, just uses it for web browsing and storing their files.
+Trever Barlow Yes. If I feel "superior" in any way, it is in the quality of my relationships to others, and the quality of my work. I put a lot of effort into both.

My choice of computing platform is entirely driven by what offers me the best value for what I am trying to accomplish. I also factor in who and what I am supporting when I spend my hard-earned cash on a piece of equipment.
Ra Ef
I'm more of a linux fan boy than anything, but I also know that when it comes to installation of Commercial games, Linux is dead last. I'd love to have a Linux distro that just once lets me install a game out of the box with little to no tweaking. That'd be a revelation.
For example I like beer.

There is a series of beers (M$, M$ Light, M$ Extra Light) that comes in a generic bottle, you can find it everywhere, it get's you drunk and it is not disgusting. It also has some great tv ads where the lifestyle of drinking Piss Light is celebrated. It costs let's say 5$.

There is another beer that comes in a fancy bottle designed by a famous artist. The bottle has grooves to wrap your fingers perfectly around it, it has a revolutionary way to open the cork in a one finger motion. They have tv ads that are works of art, and the beer inside is quite good. It is a very good beer in a shiny ergonomic bottle but it costs 20$.

And then there are the micro- and medium- brewers. They make beer in small quantities or even in larger ones. The beer may be different every time you buy it and can range from good to bad. You might need to get into the "scene", talk to people that are obsessed with beer and let them guide you through the different flavors and aromas. It's all about the beer. You will be drinking it through jars and plastic bottles and whatever you have at hand. And it costs 0$ - yes FREE.

Make your choice...
Fun was where this thread began +Jon O'Neill .. it was supposed to evoke smiles not spark a war of words. By the way, love the profile picture. 
That happens thousands of times everyday when someone downloads a game on their Android smart phone - which at the kernel level is Linux. Also, it was recently announced that Android code is finally permitted into the Linux main branch, which will be inclusive of its driver and security model.

Android on tablets is just one step away from an Android distro that could be installed on any computing device. Eventually someone will conjure an Android-based Linux distro that can be installed on commodity x86 PC hardware as its main OS.

And because Android apps are written to execute on the Dalvik VM, the games that already exist would be able to execute on an x86 PC - the distro would just need to map the touch screen gesture interface to equivalents that could performed with a track pad and/or mouse/keyboard.

Your really are getting your wish.
u knw wat u played it dirty..........will clean it well! go to hell!!
+Victoria Girgis FanBOY meets FanGIRL and they run away to a desert island...for about 5 minutes.
Windows sucks. That's my opinion which I'm entitled to. I do, however, have respect for Windows users/fans and their opinion, which lasts until the fandom turns into childish fanboyism in some variation of: My dad can beat up your dad.

Sucks doesn't mean that it's not useful, or even less useful than other OSes. I simply think it's poorly designed.
at least microsoft is giving a courtesy reach around.
As a Linux guy, I can't tell the difference between the second and third picture. :)
My opinion is you should use whatever you feel is the best tool to get the job done. There are definitely a number of things that I don't like about Windows and OSX, some of them are concrete and actual issues with implementation, some are personal preference. There's pretty much only one problem I have with Linux it's the lack of commercial consumer software (don't get me wrong, I have free software alternatives for almost everything that are as good or better). I'm not really going to elaborate on what specifically I don't like because I'm not looking for a flame war, but rest assured, from a technical perspective there are things I don't like.

At work and at home I use Linux. My coworkers have macs, but fortunately, because I work for such a great company, I got my choice of OS and laptop, and I have equivalent hardware to their Macbook pros, except it's an HP running Linux. At the end of the day it's what makes you more efficient and what you're most comfortable with. I don't mock Emacs fanboys, even if I'm a Vim fanboy, same thing applies to Windows and OSX...
It's pretty clear he's your son +Joseph Puglisi I guess I'm just saying that I'd be a bit upset if my dad shared something publicly that I'd posted to a limited audience - but whatevs, I'm sure you guys have worked it out :-)
Windows sucks. When it failed to copy a 2G file to another drive, it sucks. I don't know if it still fails, because I switched.

Microsoft fxxks. I once asked if I can have a computer with no OS installed, and yes, by adding some money! That's ridiculous!
Just for the record, I use Arch Linux, which, in my opinion, is the best district for Linux. The power to either install pre-packaged apps or compile like gentoo with an easy installer. What more could you ask for?
I dsont eat apples and I do Widows. I have a compiter in u cloet. Make me a decent option Its yours
I switched to Windows because of the amount of software that is supported by it, and I use it to this day because of the same factor.
Linux users pretty much see everyone as displayed on picture of Windows from Linux point of view. :)
Jim S.
This longtime Mac fanboy is being priced out of owning top of the line Mac Pro Desktop, soon I will be assembling my own computer from parts obtained online and joining the Linux/"free" software movement.
My superiority stems from the awesomeness felt by those that perchance brush up against me whilst a make the world a grander place through the work I have produced on each of these OS's and more (including those that existed before these chosen few).
To feel smugness like this is to bathe in the warmth of adoration from those impressed by my choice to make them happy. So there.
How does one get started on Linux? Links?
Let's see outside the Window now :)
why do i prefere the linux seen by windows fanboys most? if you want to start using linux have a look at in my oppinion it is easier to use than ubuntu and more stable. (good luck)
I think you could do one with social sites but instead of Microsoft its Facebook
In my employment I have support all three from a technical standpoint and can administrate all three. BSODs rarely occur on windows 7 but it doesn't just work. There is a lot to be done to make sure it does and continues to so the required maintenance is much more. The reason people feel it works is they are used to doing these things. Macs are very well designed hardware but extremely overpriced. Also the Mac OS is not nearly as stable as you think. It is also difficult to troubleshoot based on the how buried the system level controls are. The advantage they have is there are few things easier to set up than Mac OS in Mac hardware. Linux is the fastest and most customizable of all and is not as difficult to set up as many think. Distros such as Ubuntu and Mint make it much easier for a user with moderate to advanced skills. To replicate every thing of the other two operating systems there is alot of reading to do. Linux is more difficult to set up than the other two but I have NEVER had it crash. I have several servers that have never been rebooted because it always works. It also helps u repurpose older hardware. That all being said it is not something for your average user to set up but everyone I have set up a Linux system (all have been mint or Ubuntu) wouldn't switch back. Long story short all have their place. Business use is Windows due to familiarity and pre-existing tools Mac is for graphic design or making yourself feel superior to others and Linux is for more advanced users who need/want functions of both.
Oh come on!!! This is just a joke. Just laugh and enjoy. Why you linux guys allways must rush to protect your "precious OS"?
Linux Ubuntu for 5 years, Linux Jolicloud for last two years
If Linux was not free then probably the people behind Linux would have been richer by Microsoft and Apple combine and still some change left to buy both!
+Isis The Black We don't rush to protect it, we are proud to use it. There is a difference. Windows always needs protection. Linux is just designed smarter. It's an easy mistake to make though, it's cool. Btw, I won't bash on Apple because deep down it wants to be unix, it's just a very costly version of it.
+William Copps Yeah, but the point was to say "Haha good joke ))". Instead there are lectures about how linux is good with many pluses ))
A windows fan-boy is like the lost link between apes and human being.... Totally missing.
While everyone is trolling mac vs. Linux vs. Windows in a cycle that will never be broken, I'd like to point out that i actually had the thrustmaster pro joystick/rudders/throttle seen in the center frame, and that was at least 15 years ago.... Miss those days.
Have any of you Windows users stopped to consider why your OS requires 20+GB of hard drive or 1+GB of RAM just to boot? And why is it so expensive to get an upgrade to the OS when MS decides to release an upgrade once every 3 years or so?

Linux, on the other hand, is considerably smaller and loads in as little as 400MB of RAM and does virtually everything that Windows does. It's also extremely stable and rarely crashes. Linux also benefits from a major software upgrade every 6 months, which is free BTW.

I replaced Windows several years ago with Ubuntu and it just works, unlike Windows which requires constant maintenance and anti-virus and anti-spyware software just to Function. To get spyware or a virus in Linux (yes, it is possible), you really need to be an idiot, because you have to choose to install it knowingly.

Windows is just sloppily coded bloatware, i'm afraid. Sure, it works, but nowhere as well or as fast as it could if they wanted to do it right.

Running Windows is like playing a harmonica, running Linux is like playing a Stradivarius. Windows is far easier to learn, but if you take the time to learn Linux, you understand just how sad Windows truly is.
Apsd Su
i dont get it...
+Jon O'Neill Your processor and bus can only handle so much at a time. Just because the jelly jar is huge, doesn't mean you can pull all of the jelly through the top of the jar at a time. The same idea applies to an O/S.
+Jon O'Neill The point is there is a bottleneck in basic processor/bus speeds -- and it doesn't help to have the O/S using an inch more than necessary. Bloated code still affects performance REGARDLESS how much RAM/disk space you have. You can have a large jar -- but the opening is only so big. (this is where the concept of bottlenecks come from)

And you're right, no doubt Windows holds the cards for PC gaming. Can't argue there.
+M. Niazy Clearly much of the world does have atleast somewhat similar experience to me because Windows is still king by no small amount in market share and Win7 has overwhelmingly positive reception. If people really had an issue with Windows, like how the Linux fanboys make it out to be, then they would go out and buy or try alternatives.

Of my tech savvy friends, several switched to Linux or went dual-boot Win/Linux around the end of 2006 when Vista was coming out. By the time Win7 RC was released in 2009 NONE were still running Linux on their machines, even as a dual boot. Simply put, Linux didn't meet their needs where Windows did. A few dislike Windows and really wanted to be happy with Linux, but at the end of the day really couldn't when it wouldn't meet their needs. I tried Linux aswell for some time, I ran: OpenSuse, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora in the couple years on my desktop in a dual boot with Windows7 and decided to run Ubuntu on my old Pentium M laptop (it is better than XP). Well by 11.04 Ubuntu became a bloated mess and I tried running some of those other distros I mentioned above on the machine, all of which didn't have stable drivers of some sort or were too way to slow for the machine. I've tried Ubuntu on my desktop recently and although it has proper drivers Ubuntu actually feels slower than Win7 does on the same machine, both running off my Force3 GT. So I've officially given up on desktop Linux, because it's one major selling point for me of being able to give new life to old machines while still running a nice modern interface is gone. PC OEMs all suck, except for Lenovo and Asus, so I've now bought a Macbook Air which I'm for the most part extremely happy with.

For all the crap Windows gets for being an unstable mess while OSX is supposed to be bullet-proof; I rarely have anyone going up to me asking me to help with "x" "y" and "z" issue with their "Insert PC here", while on the other hand I am helping my friends fairly frequently with some sort of issue with their Macs. I have significantly more friends using Windows than Macs too. I find that very interesting.

Obviously different people have different experiences, but there is mine
+Michael Frost Windows 7 is quite a stable OS, I'll give it that, as is OS X. Crashes and other issues seem to depend mostly on the users and their luck more than the OS itself.

And it's no surprise that Win7 would get such a positive reception; regardless of whether you consider it a decent OS or not, it's that much better than Windows XP or Vista, and that's what people would compare it to.

I do more troubleshooting for Mac than Windows users as well, but the reason is that most Mac users have way less experience using Macs than Windows users tend to have with Windows. I have no idea whether that applies in your case, but it seems that statistically, companies that utilize Macs require less IT support.

Why do I dislike Windows? Not because of any technical problem, but because of its (arguably) crappy interface and poor design choices. There is no comparison when it comes to user friendliness or user experience between Windows and OS X. For the simplest example, just compare Windows' Control Panel with System Preferences. Even troubleshooting OS X is far easier than with Windows. And just the fact that I don't need an anti-virus/malware software is a tremendous relief. For me, these are much more important than any advantage Windows 7 has to offer.
So much for my fanboy flashback. +Robert Suárez if you want to get started in Linux you can add me to your circles and I'll work with you. One of the greatest thing about Open Source (of which Linux is a major part) is the community of users willing to help new users understand. As a confidence builder you can go to for a start. Scroll down the page and look right; there you will find a listing of all the distributions (flavors) of Linux and their popularity(by pagehit proxy.) Mint and Ubuntu are popular with mainstream users. I use Ubuntu.

Linux is NOT for everyone yet. I struggled through fanboy hell for years because I wanted to do desktop publishing and Linux wasn't there yet. In this argument LET US NOT FORGET software applications that can run $1,000's (but not in Linux Land: where everything is free.)
+J. Arthur Lee Linux is 90% of the supercomputing market...maybe their a bunch of boneheads
+Isis The Black for the same reason that Global Warming deniers need to be beaten about the head
Ok I promised myself I wouldn't get involed in this discusion but some of the false statements above pushed me over the edge.

First the original post is hilarious and so true! Moving on...

Now I work in IT and have worked with/supported everything from Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD to even true Unix for the past 10 years. I have found two things to be true. One, BSD/Unix/Linux are much easier to maintain and support due to their stability stemming from being designed better from the ground up. MAC would be easier to support if they didn't try to hide their BSD under belly under all their proprietary crap they put on top and Windows is has major design flaws thar cause problem and is horribly insecure. Not only that but, Windows tends to crash way more than the others INCLUDING Windows 7. I have had more headaches at work dealing with Windows servers and workstations then all the other OS's combined even though we work with all of them to one extent or another.

Next, to those above who complained about Linux crashing and having issues. When was the last time you tried Ubuntu or Mint? In almost 11 years of using Linux I have NEVER, repeat NEVER had Linux crash on me unless I purposely did something stupid to it. Over the years I have mainained PC's in my home with both Windows, BSD and Linux so I would always be familiar with each. I have had to fix/reinstall Windows more times then I can remember. BSD once installed just continues to work not even requiring reboots, same thing with Linux. In fact I have PC's with BSD and Linux that are still running with minimal upkeep for over 2 1/2 years. I can't say the same about Windows. I have even migrated my Gentoo install to a newer PC three times just by moving the hard drive to the newer PC each time, I've never had to reinstall it in almost 3 years now. As far as driver support I have yet to install Ubuntu or Mint on any PC or laptop where it didn't recognize all of the hardware and if it didn't have a driver for a particular video/wireless card it automatically went and searched online for the right driver and offered to download and install it for me. Again I can't say the same about Windows.

Next, games on Linux. Linux is perfectly capable of doing games, there are certainly thousands of Linux games out there and while many of them are lower quality then many found on Windows there are some good ones, Urban Terror, World of Goo, Nexuiz, Sauerbraten, Tremulous and Torcs to name a few. The problem is with the game manufacturers. Many of them feel that Linux does not have a large enough market share on the desktop to make it profitable for them to release a Linux version of there games. Having said that three facts remain Id Software has made and sold Linux versions of every version of Quake and Unreal Tournament, with the exception of UT3 which was done by a different company. Second, The Humble Indie Bundle has earned those developers several million dollars over the course of the last 2 years and if you look at the statistics from their pay what you want strategy, Linux users have consistantly paid twice as much for those games than Mac users and almost three times as much as Windows users, disproving that there is no market for Linux games. Third, did you know that every single popular game title for Windows already has a Linux version? Let me explain, the game companies realized back in the late '90s that Windows on the server side was causing problems with online gaming and that using Linux on the server side provided a more stable, hardware efficiant way to provide online multiplayer gaming to there customers. So, ever since then every windows game that offers online play has had a linux verion made for it so it could be run on their Linux servers, they simply refuse to sell the linux version of their games to the general public. Think about that the next you want to tell someone that Linux is not for gaming.

Finally, what do you mean Linux has no industry support? Have you ever heard of companies like Google, Rehat, Canonical, HP, Dell, Oracle, IBM, Novel, Motorola, even Sony, and the list goes on. Here are some fact you may or may not know, Linux holds more then 68% percent of the server market and growing, also everytime you use a DVD/Blue-ray player, ATM, smart TV, inflight video console, GPS or other appliance/device with an imbedded OS, 99% of the time you are using linux. Also, of the top 100 Super computers in the world onl 10 run Windows and none of those place in the top 10 in terms of speed bench marks, the rest run some version of BSD/Linux/Unix. So, the idea that Linux does not have industry support is wrong.

I believe every OS has its place and that all existing OS's have helped to inspire competition which in turn spawn inovation. So in that case diverity is a good thing and I will never rag on someone for choosing one OS over another. Having said that I choose Linux for its stability, speed, performance, low resource usage, ease of maintainance. What you choose is up to you. 
I am a fanboy of any OS that makes my job/life easier...regardless of the logo.
+M. Niazy Ah I see what your getting at.

For the most part I agree, OSX's UI is certainly more sensibly designed than that of the Windows desktop. Windows Vista and 7 are decent, but XP and prior are just ugly. Other than a couple of the new applications being imported from iOS (Game Centre, oh god I can't stand it. Same with the calendar ) the UI is more consistently designed. I also like the great number of nifty utilities packed in the OS that I haven't found good equivilants (for free atleast) in Windows, the Grapher and DigitalColour Meter apps specifically I have found rather useful lately. Ease of use really is an opinion we don't share, I find Windows 7 atleast as easy to use as I have found 10.7 and 10.8. Of course I have been using Windows for many years longer than OSX. As for Anti-Virus/Spyware I just use MS Security Essentials, it's one of if not the best rated suite and it truely does work great; it's also perfectly invisible to the user and uses nearly no memory (~17MB).

Mobile is a different story, I absolutely adore the Metro interface's proudly digital and typography based look. For this reason I can't wait for Windows8 and it's Metro applications. It really is a love-it or hate-it design I realize. Showing my friends the interface on my Samsung Focus; many are astounded by it and instantly fell in love (two bought the phone aswell within the month, I might add), while some others couldn't stand it for various reasons. In comparison I find the iOS interface, while simple to use, very clunky and inefficient. I'm also not a huge fan of all the leather, carpet, plaid, etc that they are bringing into the interface as of lately. Even Android has an interface lead over iOS as of 4.0 IMO, no small part thanks to it's digital Tron look called "Holo".

My Mac using friends are for the most part vetrans to the Mac, as far as years using the platform go. None are that tech savvy though so that doesn't exactly mean much does it ;) The same goes for my Windows using friends I help, there are just less that need help.
One theory why that could explain it is that there are just less Mac users out there, so now that I have some experience with the Mac I'm probably one of the only people that can help them out. My Windows friends could very well be having more issues, but there might be more people out there they can go to before me. Although half of the cases for my Windows friends is when someone else thought they knew what they were doing and ended up making things worse rather than better, so who knows.

I don't have any way to compare Windows vs Mac workplace IT issues, so I have no comment there. What I can say is that the medical facility I worked at last year was based off Linux thin clients and they were a night-mare for IT, I wasn't in IT so I don't know what the issue was but the down-time was probably over 2 hours per week (more if you count the time where the whole system would hang for 4 or 5 minutes at a time). That really made me appreciate my ~100% up-time on my Win7 desktop and laptop.
man.. last year was a nightmare of bluescreens constantly on windows 7. Faulty hardware mostly.. but when I dual boot in to linux, it just complains that the hardware is faulty, and compensates for it :p
If Blizzard made a Linux client for Starcraft I would drop windows today.
MICROSOFT: hey you do you want some candy
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