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Got my own version of the #ArchChallenge. Been using +Arch Linux  for almost 4 years, so this is nothing new, but I've been a KDE user for almost that entire time. So in the 4 weeks until the start of school again I'm going to do a week of #Gnome3, a week of #XFCE, a week of #LXDE, and a week of #MATE. And then 3 days left so I can go right back to my beloved #KDE. Or maybe not, who knows, change is fun. Made a #Clonezilla of an Arch install with everything below the display manager exactly how I like it. Just a quick clone>update>install DE.

Arch challenge to the next level! +Chris Fisher +Matt Hartley 
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Is Cinnamon a problem with Arch? If not then that should be apart of the test more so than MATE. XFCE is based on Gnome2 so you will probably have some issues with it.
XFCE is way more different than MATE than Cinnamon is to Gnome3. Cinnamon is based on Gnome3, XFCE and MATE just share a toolkit, not a code base.
Cinnamon uses Gnome3 but it is heavily modified even to a custom Window Manager modified from Mutter. (aka Muffin)

A DE Challenge should be more about the experience than caring if underlying technologies are shared.

XFCE is a valid DE as it has a unique experience.

MATE on the other hand is just Gnome2 and purposefully feels like Gnome2. (not a new experience)

The experience of Cinnamon vs Gnome3 is much different in many ways which makes Cinnamon a valid DE to be in a challenge.
Which is what I want, since I loved Gnome2 so much. It's gonna be nice to go back and see what the MATE guys have done in the last couple years.

Where as Gnome3 last week made me homicidal, so I'm not exactly jumping at the chance to use something just like it.  

If I had unlimited time I would  try it (along with i3 and razor-qt) but I'm not gonna have the time to fiddle with settings once school starts.
Cinnamon is nothing like Gnome3 which is my point but I understand the interest in MATE. I used to love Gnome2 as well.

Cinnamon and Gnome3 have the ability to use extensions...but after that Cinnamon is nothing like Gnome3 in use. Everything that Gnome Devs did to make Gnome3 suck, Mint Devs fixed or improved with Cinnamon.
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