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I've actually had an argument with someone about this. Considering the amount of water he was pushing onto the board while he was hanging on to the edge, it's likely that climbing onto the board with Rose would have pushed the board under the water by an inch or so, leading to both their deaths.
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Brian Z
Since when has science stood in the way of a good movie?
Brian Z
Further thought - Scientific Accuracy: The Movie would be very boring. But it would be a good look into the lives of scientists. 95% of the movie would be staring at failures that give you just a little bit of information but more questions than answers, the last 1% would be accepting the award, and the 4% right before that would be looking at some test results and alternately saying "please be right" and "that can't be right".
Isn't it more romantic if they both die, though? Leaving one of them alive is just cruel.
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