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Trained as an anthropologist. During the Enlightenment.
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3 sons, 3 grandsons, 1 granddaughter (1 for 7). Recently modeled the compensation system used by the folks who manage all of the primary health care for 1.6 million Swedes. Referenced in doctoral dissertations that I don't understand because I don't have the requisite background in epidemiology.
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Trying to stay out of trouble. Very busy.
I listen.
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Joseph Moosman

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You don't need to understand Greek to understand this video.

H/t +Rodi Rodaki

Μοιάζω με βομβαρδισμένο τοπίο
με ένα στιχάκι που είναι μουτζουρωμένο
στης ζωής το τελευταίο θρανίο
και με πουλί ξενιτεμένο...

Έχω πείσμα και γερό το στομάχι
σαν το Παύλο με την κάλπικη λύρα
την αγάπη που έχω δώσει δε πήρα
έτσι το θέλησε η μοίρα....

Άντε να σταθώ στα πόδια μου
μετά από τόσα χτυπήματα
έχω ξεχάσει τα βήματα
μα δε με παίρνει να πω δε μπορώ
πρέπει να μπω στο χορό...

Μες τον κόσμο μεγαλώνω τον άπονο
ποιος στ΄ αλήθεια παίρνει αυτό που του αξίζει
δε το θέλω μα μου βγαίνει παράπονο
γιατί η ρόδα δε γυρίζει...
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Here's a useful translation.

Joseph Moosman

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Vi levande spikar nedhamrade i samhället!
En dag skall vi lossna från allt.
Vi skall känna dödens luft under vingarna
och bli mildare och vildare än här.

Tomas Tranströmer, Flygblad, 1989

And Goodnight everyone from Old #Skaraborg! 
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Joseph Moosman

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I saw a highway of diamonds
with nobody on it
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memento mori

Joseph Moosman

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14 years pass and my boots are worn out. A new pair comes in the mail. Hard to imagine the world in 14 years time but I'll tell you a secret. The Future is more like the Present than anyone suspects. So similar that you could mistake them.

And Goodnight everyone from Old #Skaraborg! 

Joseph Moosman

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Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!

Must be on its way to New Orleans.

Joseph Moosman

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"In the 150 years since Schwendener, biologists have tried in vain to grow lichens in laboratories. Whenever they artificially united the fungus and the alga, the two partners would never fully recreate their natural structures. It was as if something was missing—and Spribille might have discovered it."
Biology textbooks tell us that lichens are alliances between two organisms—a fungus and an alga. They are wrong.
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Joseph Moosman

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What's wrong with the United States? Everyone involved in this story. 
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 I would imagine the "dog shelter" idea was more about putting a "good spin" on their debauchery. What you described in the Hampton's also exists here, outside the cocoon of Silicon Valley.

Joseph Moosman

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Unintended paradox here.
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Joseph Moosman

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In Africa, Birds and Humans Form a Unique Honey Hunting Party

John N. Thompson, a distinguished professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, said: “I think it’s an absolutely terrific paper. This is one of those ‘just-so’ natural history stories we’ve known for years, and now we’ve got some hard-won data to show it really is so.”
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Interesting! For the birds, not any human will do, but ones that know the specialized communication tools are chosen for the best results :)

Joseph Moosman

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sometimes the light's all shining on me
other times I can barely see
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Lately it occurs to me
What a long, strange trip it's been

Joseph Moosman

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Sommarhälsningar! Διακοπές! It's vacation time, everybody!
Back to work :)

via: gifforums.
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+Rodi Rodaki κλέψουμε όλοι και κάθε μέρα. Έτσι δεν είναι; 
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Joseph Moosman

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There's been a lot written recently about the rise of a fascist personality cult in the United States. It may well be that this is happening. I don't know if this would also mean the arrival of a fascist form of government policy, but I am pretty sure about another aspect.

Donald Trump is the face of an ongoing change in the United States that is exactly the opposite of the changes he promises his supporters. The United States is well on it's way to becoming just one more chaotic, badly governed, profoundly unjust American society. With large numbers of angry people.

I'm also convinced that another Clinton presidency, while less dramatic than a Trump presidency, will also be a rapid march downhill. Secretary Clinton is completely unfit to be president. She may be better than Donald Trump, but most people who can read and write at a 6th grade level would be better than Donald Trump. She is hopelessly compromised, the ultimate Washington DC insider at a time that needs almost anyone but any insider.

The United States has always had incredible good luck in times of crisis. People have always come forward who had the inspiration and the ability to find a way forward out of awful situations. I personally believe that lucky streak ended on September 11th, 2001. 
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I would say it ended in late 2000 when we were saddled with the Avignon presidency. 
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