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This is great news! The Olympics have become self-boycotting! I'll be trying again this year to break my Olympic record for fewest number of minutes paying attention to the freak show and drug stupor that the games have become. They have as much to do with sportsmanship as Donald Trump has to do with ethical business practices. Complete, total crap.
The US Olympics Committee has gone off the deep end, when it comes to intellectual property. It’s willing to sue anyone to protect their trademarks, even when the use is no real threat. But the committee’s latest claim is an entirely new level of absurdity.
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Think the United States is in a period of unprecedented political uproar? Man, have you ever got it backwards!

No less prominent a figure than Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, expressed hope that a well-executed convention could "show our friends from other parts of the country what sort of a place New York really is and how it feels, in contrast with some of the things that are said about us."

His hopes did not come to pass. 😬
The marathon party gathering featured fist fights, a Klan rally, and 103 ballots.
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A great read and a good reminder of the polar inversion of the GOP-DEM axis that has taken place since Nixon's day.

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The entire Democratic Party primary process in the United States this year has been like a visit to a used car lot. The salesman is talking up a car with an affordable price. He's selling it hard, this car is a bargain, a sure thing! You ask to look under the hood. He doesn't want to show you but you insist. Finally he unlocks the car and pops the hood.

No engine.

Well, that explains the price. 

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What's wrong with the United States? Everyone involved in this story. 
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 I would imagine the "dog shelter" idea was more about putting a "good spin" on their debauchery. What you described in the Hampton's also exists here, outside the cocoon of Silicon Valley.

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Unintended paradox here.
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Dusk in a little country graveyard. A blackbird sings in a treetop as the sun sets.

Goodnight everyone from Old #Skaraborg! 

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some folks look for answers
others look for fights

They're on fire, people. 

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Florida! The Sunshine State! 
Florida Man Manages to Misspell “School” on Warning Sign…Twice … Embedded image. 7:52 AM - 26 Jul 2016. 409 Retweets490 Likes. Reply to @_FloridaMan ...
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+Craig Froehle agreed. But here's a possible competitor: 

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1.4 billion dollars wasted on idiotic preaching by people who are horrified about giving food stamps to impoverished United States families. Stanford University School of Medicine has studied the history, crunched the numbers, and come up with the facts. As opposed to the stupid nonsense coming out of a bunch of pious frauds and old ladies of all genders.

the study showed that one of the most important factors associated with lower levels of risky behavior was the number of years women remained in school
The effort was supposed to prevent the spread of HIV—but it didn’t work, according to the most comprehensive study of the program
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+Dan Weese I have seen a lot of positive in our work in Ghana, we are working with people, not government or so called NGOs. Our work is small but so far had made big impact on those places we visit, we have built 1 school owned and run by the locals, 1 aquaponic farm owned and maintained by t he locals and spread 100s of sack gardens across the Accra and Volta regions, and what I have heard the use is spreading as well.

Sure corruption is a major issue, but the people are willing and able to change, if you give them a chance.

I do not believe in big projects, or big ideas, but small things have HUGE impact on the lives of people and that is what we at +TAALUMA  working on (with our only 12 active members :)

Joseph Moosman

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You don't need to understand Greek to understand this video.

H/t +Rodi Rodaki

Μοιάζω με βομβαρδισμένο τοπίο
με ένα στιχάκι που είναι μουτζουρωμένο
στης ζωής το τελευταίο θρανίο
και με πουλί ξενιτεμένο...

Έχω πείσμα και γερό το στομάχι
σαν το Παύλο με την κάλπικη λύρα
την αγάπη που έχω δώσει δε πήρα
έτσι το θέλησε η μοίρα....

Άντε να σταθώ στα πόδια μου
μετά από τόσα χτυπήματα
έχω ξεχάσει τα βήματα
μα δε με παίρνει να πω δε μπορώ
πρέπει να μπω στο χορό...

Μες τον κόσμο μεγαλώνω τον άπονο
ποιος στ΄ αλήθεια παίρνει αυτό που του αξίζει
δε το θέλω μα μου βγαίνει παράπονο
γιατί η ρόδα δε γυρίζει...
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Here's a useful translation.

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Vi levande spikar nedhamrade i samhället!
En dag skall vi lossna från allt.
Vi skall känna dödens luft under vingarna
och bli mildare och vildare än här.

Tomas Tranströmer, Flygblad, 1989

And Goodnight everyone from Old #Skaraborg! 
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I saw a highway of diamonds
with nobody on it
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memento mori
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