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Supers is such a weighted term. It can cover the classic 4 color comicbook wackiness, more serious tv drama empowered normals, urban fantasy, psionic mystery, and just about any lighter transhuman plot. I've run so many games based on this concept. I have a loose circle based on the topic. If you are intested in my world building, concept testing, and eventual game sessions based on supers...let me know to add you.
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I'm a huge fan of supers stuff. I'd like to see what you have cooking, please.
I am certainly interested. Whom do I have to fight to get in?
What a coincidence! I am just about to start a Champions campaign and could use anything I can plagerize... er... learn from! :)
A friend of yours (Astra) said I should check this out. Looks interesting, if it's not too late to be added?