The biotech industry has created a children’s activity book to brainwash kids about all the ‘wonderful’ benefits of genetic engineering.

We appear to be one of the only countries in the world to stand by and let GMOs invade our lives from cradle to grave. Do you think this type of material is appropriate for children?
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I think the doctor who lied about the need for "flame retardant fabrics" with false claims of children dying should lose his medical license.
Ha! Just part of the reason we home school our daughter.  Even now at the age of six when she goes grocery shopping with us before asking for an item she sees on the shelf she scans the label for items like high fructose corn syrup, artificial or "natural" flavorings, corn without "non-gmo" or "organic", anything soy, etc... My wife and I got duped into the "USDA Food Pyramid" and other nonsense taught in government schools- our children deserve better!  

And it's amazing how responsive she is to the information.  We don't require her to pass up unhealthy treats at friends' houses, but when offered a delicious but unhealthy snack she will often pass on it of her own choice due to her understanding of dietary health. 

We try to teach our nieces about dietary nutrition as well but it is an uphill battle because they're being taught misinformation in school, and not just related to GMO products.  They have to choose between the conflicting lessons and they of course view the text books and school teachers as credible sources of information. 
Subscriptions to your E - Newsletters should be mandatory for everyone owning a computer...... Thanks for your work concerning health, Dr. Mercola! I posted so many of your topics already in Wordpress etc and I will start now to do so in my own website.
I totally agree with the views of Karin Bartsch, thanks to Joseph Mercola bringing world view on this aspect of medical companies who are cheating people of this world. I am a science graduate who inspired my son to become a scientist but he stopped at master's level. Science and scientific inventions should help human race and other life forms by their research. Not to destroy mother nature and environment. I am an Indian from farming background family, DDT, and many pesticides and medicines like diclofenic sodium wiped out many life forms and birds like vultures in India.
Please post me articles really help people I will pass on to everybody in my state and educate people through tv channels and brief the wonderful work DR Joseph is doing
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I agree, Annapoorna, Dr. Mercola is best in educating people about all topics which concern health. Subscribe to his online newsletters!  Love - Karin
FYI, while reading your very informative article about glyphosate and Monsanto, I noticed after about 2 minutes it either timed out or someone was blocking the page...turning it solid blue. I would click out, close that window and re-open through your webpage....just thought I would let you know...Aloha and Thank you for all the hard work you do to help make our bodies healthier and help make this planet a safer place to live and breathe!