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Joseph Mas
Early to bed... Early to rise... Work like hell and advertise!
Early to bed... Early to rise... Work like hell and advertise!

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How to Make Wireless Headphones
Even had an ear bud go bad or sound that cuts in and out on an ear piece? Well, here is how to turn those broken head sets into wireless headphones:

Step 1 - Grab both ear pieces firmly in one hand.

Step 2 - Hold the ear pieces firmly while forcefully pulling the wires attached until they seperate completely.

At this point you should have wireless headphones. If so, great job, you did it. If not, repeat steps one and two recursively until full separation occurs. 

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For those of you who own websites...
Cohort and Active Users Analytics - SEO  
If Google adds something to the Analytics Dashboard its important!
So what is Cohorts? Well Google says:
Cohorts will help you examine the behavior and performance of groups of users related by common attributes.

A cohort is a group of users who share a common characteristic that is identified in this report by a Google Analytics dimension. For example, all users with the same Acquisition Date belong to the same cohort. The Cohort Analysis report lets you isolate and analyze cohort behavior.

For more information about Cohort Analytics see:

There are actually 2 new sets of analytics in Google Analytics that is; Cohort Analytics and Active Users. Both of these metrics can help determine user behavior on your site. Given the time I will try to write something about the "Active Users" metrics and how to use this to really expose weaknesses.  

This is all very exciting stuff from an SEO perspective. Google is totally ramping up user behavior signals.  

Check out what Google says about "Active Users" here:

Since behaviorial metrics are a strong ranking signal this should be taken seriously by anyone who owns a website and SEOs alike. 

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Sometimes things are not what they seem. 
I am that hot chick you have been chatting with.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” – Mother Teresa

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Been saying this forever... Get Off Facebook!

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Hey +David Traynor​​​. The kids wanted to say thank you.

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These kids need(ed) $210 by Friday
Update: Thank you +Dave Traynor​​​!
These kids have what they need now.

Four of my kids at Happy Generation Children’s Ministries Orphanage need our help to complete their exams and pass into the next grade. There are 25 kids in the orphanage and they are all taken care of except four of them.  There sponsors promised then vanished. School where these kids are is not like school as most people know.  Please help us with these babies, school is such a necessity to better themselves in life. 

$210.00 is all they need and they need it by Friday, please message me to get them help!  This is not some "save the kids" organization. It is one guy and three women who are caretakers for these kids and they do not get paid.  ALL of the money goes to the kids.  

Without our support, these kids would literally starve.

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Office Space - Milton Stapler
Best movie ever lol

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Ebola - Spread the Truth, not the virus!
Although I have a tough time believing all I hear about this Ebola ordeal. The facts are the facts.

Fox news put this out yesterday:

In other posts I have seen it stated that all zombie movies start out with some guy in a lab coat saying "we have the situation under control". So my skepticism is raised by the link above, but the facts are the facts. So we need to take all perspectives into consideration. Don't believe all you hear, but rather do your own investigation to reach your own conclusion weighing all the evidence. Not just what you hear.

For example: here at ground zero in Dallas we have over 4,500,000 people in the area, only two people have the virus and they are Healthcare workers. The potential for utter disaster is sure, but at the same time, 2 people out of 4,500,000 is negligable from a statistical standpoint. How many people die in Dallas alone in car accidents? Should we stop driving? Surely not. Expand this to the world population of nearly 60,000,000,000 people. Now if even 30,000 people have died or are infected what percentage of the population are we talking about here? Almost none on this scale.

What we need to have in place is education so the issue can be contained. All the politics are killing the truth.. and people. The administration needs to get its head out of its ass and make real change to minimize the potential of the population killing virus. No panic, just solid handling of the threat at hand. 
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