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For real, +UPS? You expect me to drive 30 minutes (one-way) before 1/7 to pick up a gift/package that you won't deliver because someone left off our apartment number? We live in a duplex; either 1 or 2 would have worked. And you sent a postcard in the mail to tell us this? that just now got delivered?

No, I don't think so. We'll do without whatever it is, thank you, and you can — instead of attempting an actual delivery — ship it all the way back to the relevant e-commerce site.

W2G logistics!

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within the next few hours, we need 300 signatures on this petition to reach 100k.

If the government needs a warrant to tap your phone, let's make sure they also need a warrant to read your email and cloud docs!

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The bubblegum scene, They Live: one of my favorite 1:07 in sci-fi movie history

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Has anyone seen FB respond to this damning analysis of what you can find out about people you have no connection to via Graph Search?

That and the configuration change where you cannot hide from search will lead me to delete my FB account soon (again). sigh.

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"In good conscience, I cannot attend a meeting that discriminates in this way. The meeting is about planets located trillions of miles away, with no national security implications." -UC Berkeley Astrophysicist Geoff Marcy

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Me and a gaggle of nerds wrote the NSA today and told them they're suckers

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Berkeley and Bay-Area peeps!

I'll be speaking at Google HQ on 11/11 (non-public) and then at the UC Berkeley I School on 11/12. Please come! woo!

I've been having a problem where my macbook acts like it's waking from a hard sleep (as if the battery run down) after waking up, despite having been plugged into power. Looking at the Console, some strange bluetooth events always happen at this time too... so, open Bluetooth prefs, disabled everything I can possibly click on and it seems to not happen now.


(serves two pints)

1 c rum
6 tbsp agave/simple sugar
1/3 c lime juice
16 big mint leaves
4 mint tops
club soda

put first four above in a mixer
muddle like fuck
mix with four ice cubes

in pint glass:
handful of ice

pour mix drink over ice in glass
finish to the top with club soda
add mint tops, swizzle stick

served unstirred
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