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Finally got around to reading +Jenn Thorson's 'There Goes the Galaxy' trilogy. (My reading list is massive and cross indexed, and what goes to the top is often mood based, so it can be tricky to get to some stuff!)

I highly recommend them, especially if you're a fan of humorous undertones to what is in some ways a genuinely serious story. After all, Earth is at stake! (Sort of) I don't want to spoil too much of it, but yeah... definitely good stuff, and while not as satirical as Douglas Adams, the writing style had a similar feeling of silliness that was incredibly welcome to me.

I am definitely looking forward to reading more books from her.
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+Joseph Loder Ha, yes, I rather guessed we might have Alice in common, given that name. Can never go wrong with a Hatter! :)
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Shinrarta Dezhra is well worth it, lemme tell ya. I'm going to be spending some time there between running BGS for NULL.
Dear +Google+ 

The new layout is terrible and you essentially took away all the features I used the most, which is why I (And many others) have gone back to the old layout.  Please stop trying to fix things that aren't broken and start working on things that are.

A quick list of things that maybe should have more work done instead of ruining a rock solid layout and toolset:

** Ditch automatic +1 sharing, or at least give the RECEIVERS the option to turn it off, since we can't rely on others to disable it on their end.

** Allow us to choose HOW we sort our stream, so that we can try to get at the stuff that matters most to us.

** Give us control over whether we see recommendations or not, as they can take up space better used for actual content we care about rather than 20 people we wouldn't follow even if we were paid to.

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+Andy Lewis Damned straight.  It's reinforcing my general dislike of social media in general, which is a shame because I've been here since very early on. :-/
Another reason to hate the big 'F' if you needed any others. - Crafted from the finest Internets.
Truecaller saved me from this spammer! Get protected now: #SpamShame
A powerful video from one of my absolute favorite youtubers.

If you don't already, you should follow +Veritasium 
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Look, I love Harley Quinn, but not everyone needs to have their own movie, and as much as I love her, she really plays better with others to work with, IMHO.
Honestly one of the best little gag line suggestions I've ever seen.

#Sherlock   #Avengers   #DrStrange   #Cumberbatch - Crafted from the finest Internets.
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Brill!! :3
This is one of my favorite reads coming out of Ars Technica in a long time, and that is saying something!
Be prepared: A nuclear apocalypse is far more likely than a zombie outbreak.
I wonder what it says about me that my biggest circle on G+ is the circle dedicated to Elite: Dangerous...
This cannot be stressed enough, and it applies to a FAR WIDER scope than merely the racing sim, or any sim environment.  If you keep destroying developers with cruel and pointless attacks, they WILL go away, and then what will we be left with to play?

Thanks to +Tim Wheatley for sharing this across as well.
Rice vs Wheat. Beer vs Wine. Alien vs Predator. Mario vs Sonic. As long as man has walked the Earth, there has been opinion based conflict. Whilst some carry far more serious weight and consequence...
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+Joseph Loder Yeah, preaching to the choir it is, I am afraid. Only few of those who should read it will, and the few that that do will just call him a dick or something along that line.

I don't really collect games, although I do have a collection of classic titles, like the System Shock games, Doom 1 and 2, or Star Wars: Rebel Assault, but that's just because I'm old and still have those games. ;-)
But I don't need 10 identical games. I recently replaced the aging, but still good Race 07 with Project Cars. Simply because I wanted a new all-round racing game. I have F1 2013 and Dirt Rally for more specific fixes. Project Cars had caught my eye and after making sure the Nurburgring is included I got it. A few days later it was on sale. Just like when I got Elite... But Elite is one reason I won't get No Man's Sky. I'm happy with Elite. Well, and I'm not a fan of the graphics of NMS, but that's no statement on the quality of the game. Star Citizen could manage to lure me in with a story in the spirit of Wing Commander: Privateer, otherwise I'll probably pass.

I really don't get this "I like A, so B must suck." mentality.
I am right, therefore these people must be idiots! ;-)
Here's to our fellow maker, Ahmed. #IstandwithAhmed
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Follow up on the article, this time the kids white, guess what happens.
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