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Enjoy the weekend sun in style with the Super Mario Picnic! From Goomba cookies to Mushroom cupcakes, all that's missing is a little star-based dessert ;)
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Hey! The Super Mario Brothers!! Very clever. 
A star might be hiding in one of those "?" sandwiches.
That shit is pretty awesome
I want the toast! The item box indication has really great detail. ^___^
and I wanted to eat but playing mario bross jijijijiXD
EPIC! Food is good; better when it's got a theme!
what happens when u eat the food?
No fast food don't contain shugar in a great quantity usually.
YeAh i would love to jhave that..yummyy
Aww welcome then..
Just visit google+ unofficial then :)
That will b helpful for you
I've made cookies from scratch before, there's nothing fast about cookies. 

well besides how fast they attach themselves to my hips =/
That is so cool but I would be scared to eat something so awsome.
Gela Gh
Epic win!!!! 
They look yummy...but i prefer fruits...
omg that's so cool, i love it. meow. 
This is so neat! If I saw you having your picnic in a park I would have to come over and get a sample of that!
Lets's go with Mario LOL!
how did you make all of those look like cute things.
that is amazing and so creative!! lol
Watch out, those blocks are filled with mushrooms and coins.
i luv it! i am mario master!!!!! i am on world 7
  nice ...doesn't look like it will cost a fortune either :)
Me and my mafia are crashing this picnic. 
that is awsome my fav game nd my fav food
jon pol
now im hungry"munch'munch"
Lol looks good tastes good and a great game too
this is for people who can just spend all day baking :D great idea
I have my sweet tooth working!  How neat is this?
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