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Try it, it works!
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James D
Well I'll be dipped ... I've just been using superdrag all this time
I don't have one of those buttons. :-(
Does that work on all browsers / OS?
I didn't know that it could close tabs, but I knew about opening them...
all it does for me is make the super scroll thing appear. please eliberate
+Ronnie Johnson you would have to click once, not click and move the mouse, it either has to be on a link, or a tab
It works on all modern browsers, but not with all mice. Some roller-mice do not work for some reason I have not yet discovered. I suspect the owner may have installed some custom software for his mouse, but I never took the time to verify. +Moe Tousignant What brand and type of mouse do you have? Do you have any mouse-related software installed?
I'll be jiggered, I never knew that, and I've been using computers since the late seventies..... This shit you learn on google+
O.M.G. My is so much better now!
Frustrates me to no end whenever I watch someone using their computer and they don't do this. :)
HOLY SHIT! Thank you so much for this. Can't believe I've never known about this >///<
I have 2 mice and that button is broken on both of them :( It only scrolls now. Crappy Razer products
2Beau: Just use A4 mice :) Even if You break it - go and buy another one, it's cheap )))))))))))))))
+Denis Neshchirenko I'm a gamer :/ I need the 12 buttons on the side of the mouse unfortunately. Maybe I'll go with logitech, I hear they're good.
+Moe Tousignant Yes, it's probably the custom software. The person I know has a Logitech mouse as well, and I verified that he has the Logitech software installed as well. It may be in the settings somewhere, I don't know.
The browser should be responding to the "middle mouse click" which is usually what the scroll wheel is set to. It also may be called the "3rd button". Sometimes the browser has to be set to enable this option as well.
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