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Hands down best Halloween Costume ever. I might need to make a philosoraptor version ;)
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Seems like a great way to get shot.
i seriously would like pee my pants if that happend to me....just saying.
Yeah, the costume actually has professionals inside, it's to promote the Walking with Dinosaurs show. Pretty phenomenal :D
Cool. Love Halloween! My favorite holiday. 
that's bad ass.  where do i get one?
You would only need to trick-or-treat at one house.

Knock knock
Trick or treat!
AAAAAAAA!!!!! thump
Yay candy!
난 이여자가 더 무서울거 같다는..
i want to see that in real life
hahahahahahahahahahaha that's too funny 
maybe she said, oh no!
yes great desine probly hard to pull off that trick
I love your photo collection. I must say though that this is truly awesome ;) 
ya he dose have a good one at that
Man, that is an awesome costume!  The fun I'd have with that at parties, especially Halloween would be mind blowing!
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