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These photos of a dog's life underwater from Seth Casteel demonstrate dogs are just at home in the water as on land ;)
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It also demonstrates just how frickin' awesome dogs are..
Awesome shots. Dogs are great! =D
its seems that underwater, dogs play for keeps. great shots. thanks.
After these horror pics I'll never get a puppy o_O
Cute dogs underwater, that's a new one, Yay.
good creative think ya.......
that's one fantastic underwater dog picture. KUDOS!
Aargh makes me wanna kiss sumtin >3< CUTE!!
Oh wow. I love these pictures.
If these pictures become archaeological finds one day, the scientists interpreting them will shudder at the horror of one of the most terrifying sea creatures...
@JP Lizotte..yes they do look like some type of strange sea creatures don't they??
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