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Leave it to Betty Crocker to have your afternoon snack well in hand with these Bacon and Egg Savory cupcakes! Looking as it does, you'd be surprised to learn it only consists of buttermilk biscuits, eggs, and 16 slices of your favorite bacon of choice. I think I'll have a few of these for both dinner and dessert ;)
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looks yum. I wonder if I could substitute a butter-heavy scone dough for the biscuit dough (since we don't have your 'biscuits' here). Hmm ....
a runny yolk does not mean it's a raw egg. and, if it is, just cook it a little more. no sweat. personally, I like my whites set and my yolk runny.
That's no cupcake... That's an upside-down Headcrab.
Oh man...I love the look of this dish. I will try it. I love bacon, I love eggs. I mean, it's really love.
I think I'll give this a shot, but I'll scramble the egg instead.
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