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Dick Clark has a Flintstones style house in Malibu Florida, and it's for sale for a cool $3.5 million! Sadly it doesn't come with any animal based appliances, which one would expect for that price. Still the architecture looks very cool, just a little too expensive for me :p
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A bit too 'far out' for me!Great views though.
well cool isn t enough.i think it s fantastic !!!!
As long as I were able to make a few changes, I think it might be cool... A Lascaux cave painting or two, get rid of those hideous plastic-looking dresser drawers... Add a bit of colour (how many cave-dwellers would have opted for all-white interiors, for example) and natural wood and it would be cool.
agree with Terry Henderson; Looks verrry unique. location is Malibu, California not Florida
looks more like a Roger Dean house to me.
Steve K
Is Wilma included with the house? :)
+Philip Dobson - Agreed. Wonder how many folks know who Roger Dean is? Or have seen his organic house designs? His was more flowing.
true, they were more organic, Dean seemed to be drawn from Hector Guimard and Gaudi, but it seems more of an evolution of Roger Deat to me in the use of a pseudo vanishing point within the space.
@ Claire- with a cool 3 mill to burn, one would suspect there's still a little left over to hire the dusting (and the rest of the cleaning.. and landscape work) out... at least I know I would!
I think if you can afford the home, you can afford someone else to dust it for you! ;) LOL
Seriously, whoever built this house (don't know if Dick Clark built it) has waaaay too much money and time on his/her hands.
Probably not stretched as tight as his face
Fred Flintstone will look at the price and go 'yabba dabba wow look at the PRICE on this place!
wow............what a nice job....
Free form Ferrocement architecture has been done and done better, There actually is one in Florida that most folk would think was the sand dune it was built to look like. Another Office in Miami is very beautiful, designed by the son of the developer. A gift as a graduation present from his degree in Architecture.
I think The Flintstones had Dick Clark style homes...
Very cool house! Does that now make Mr.Clark the Grandfather of Bedrock&roll?(:
apparently, busting rock at the quarry paid REALLY well. all along i thought the Flintstones were 99%'ers
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