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I knew there was a reason I couldn't sleep, ASUS has just officially announced the Transformer Prime. I could rattle off it's amazing specs such as:

1.3 Ghz Quad Core Tegra 3 Processor
18 hours of battery life with the tablet and dock combined
8 MP camera with an auto-focusing f/2.4 lens complete with back illuminated CMOS
1280 x 800 Super IPS+ Display featuring 600 nits of brightness and 178-degree viewing angles and Gorilla Glass

All squeezed into a form fitting 8.3 mm thick package (That's thinner than the iPad btw)

or I could just let the beautiful shots of this device speak for themselves. ASUS has also said they'll either release the device in December with Honeycomb 3.2 or Ice Cream Sandwich. Either way, this will be my first android tablet for sure, and I can't recommend it enough!
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Yep, that's my new tablet - wish they'd hurry up and release it now, don't care if it comes with Honeycomb and they update to ICS in December, just want it now!
I got the Transformer for my birthday a month ago.... should have waited I well, my daughter got it for me. I love it. It is really a nice tab.
Don't worry, I'm sure it'll come in time for Christmas, they said they were releasing worldwide in early December, just let me get one first :P
I wish that I could afford it. droool
I want to get the dock for my Transformer. That's my next thing.
They have really nice monitors. I can say that, their MB's, well...I've had some problems.
The dock really makes a difference Preston, especially with the addition of full sized ports, batter, and microsd slot!
I'm really keen on these transformers!
the hacktastic nook color!
the camera is a huge jump. i used to mock android tablets for having the same price as the ipad but the transformer prime is just so worth it. i won't complain :)
Kat H
Very nice.... I have the original Transformer and the camera was one of its weak points. May have to give it to my wife as a Christmas gift and plead that she give me this one. :-)
well that sexy all metal construction leaves nothing to complain about, ASUS has really outdone themselves this time!
I like it because i can take it to work with me and when I'm not doing anything, which is most of the time I listen to music/audiobooks, surf G+, just about anything and with my eyesight I can actually read it unlike on my I can charge it before I leave and not charge it till the next day sometime. I work nights.
Yeah, the day after I got it it updated the firmware and there is another due out soon then ICS. It is really a sturdy piece of equipment too. The case is metal and really pretty. I got a case for it though and a stylus.
They have a native app.... The TegraZone... and it has several free high quality games, there was one space game I downloaded for my grandson... he loves it. You hold the tab and steer and aim your ship by twisting and turning the tab like a steering They are good games.
I want a bluetooth headset too for it.... I tried the one I have for my phone and could pair them but no
someone told me it had to be A2dp or something like that. That type of bluetooth.
I wonder if best buy will give some out for free, they're usually good with things like that!
I was almost considering buying the current Asus tablet, but if this one is so close to release i am all over it, it better have ice cream sandwich tho!
Get the old one or wait for this bad boy? What to do!?
i'd wait. even if ur not crazy about the specs this tablet is a guarente to at least be able to upgrade to ice cream sandwich whereas the older one may not be compatible.
Looks good, but what is the price tag on it ?
The transformer is great so I would expect even more greatness from the prime. Maybe i'll gives my son minds and upgrade for Christmas! :-D
Absolutely gorgeous. I have $499 burning a hole in my pocket for you Transformer Prime!
Santa! I've been good!
All I really do on my laptop is word, outlook and the web anyway. This solution is easily powerful enough for those tasks and more with all the apps out there ;)
It's funny how much other hardware manufacturers rip off apple industrial design. The tablet itself looks a lot like an iPad and the assembled laptop looks like a macbook air
What? It doesn't look like an ipad. it looks like more of an asus zenbook
I would argue that it looks even better lol
Joseph, it is definitely a more masculine design.. One fault with much of Apple's Industrial design is a definite note of feminine. It's hard to envision Rambo using a white iPhone 4 for example
I agree, I'm really felling the grey amethyst color and the circular detailing gives it a nice touch. You know about design so do share your impressions if you get to handle one in person!

Craigslist Loc!
Oh I so wish I had $500 right now.
Just do what I'm doing and skip lunch for a month lol
+Joseph Lee what do you eat for lunch that it costs you $500 a month??? ;) I spend like $2 on my lunch. lol
can't live with out the *$s !
That's a lot of Starbucks dude. I at most spend $70 a month on starbucks.
+Joseph Lee so, is your company hiring? Because I'd like to be able to make enough that I can spend $500 a month on Starbucks lunch, too! ;)
lol sorry it's a vice, and you have to go to grad school first ;0
This tablet looks great, but unfortunately the iPad will still outsell it by 10:1. Most people will look at it and say "Asus, wtf is that?"
I think there are a lot of people that haven't even gotten tablets yet, its still a very nascent market. I'll do my part in showing off this beauty at conferences etc. The battery life (18 hours video playback) alone is astounding!

P.S. this post got Scobled!
Super excited about this tablet to. Going to wait for the reviews but if they're good I've already got the money in the bank!
I am smitten with this device, this could very well be my first tablet too if I can scrape up the cash. Or if Santa is extremely generous this Christmas.
Gutted it's not coming to the UK until January :-(
Nice hardware, great design - it's really tempting! If the reviews are good, this could become my first tablet as well. Would love to have it as a dual boot device with Android/ Windows 8.
My sister got the older version of this I guess and she likes it. I don't have a tablet yet either and this is a very good candidate. :p
isn't it 1.5ghz? I'm sure someone said it before...
I.4 for the companion core and 1.3 for the quads, although once I get this baby I'm overclocking the hell out of it!
+Joseph Lee I would overclock when I get it...but I'm not too sure that'd even be necessary.

They've also enhanced the audio and touch-screen response time. I held off getting the original to wait for this announcement...and I'm so glad I did.
That's nice, now he should try this tablet for a fair comparison
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