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Pure Speed ;)

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With great lighting and a very fast shutter speed, me thinks.
AND being at the right spot in the right moment with the right camera, waiting for this cat to run by??  Hmmmm....
Jerome, this pic has been around for some time. Don't know who took it or who manipulated the image, but it is funny.  :)

I do know that I had made sure to put a disclaimer on my post that it was not my photo. Just posted it because it was funny. If I had the info on who did the shot, I definitely would have posted the cred.  :(
Well, if you have the equipment... and almost any cat... it wouldn't be hard.  Small tripod (low to the floor) with a motion sensor to trigger a series of successive shots at 1k-2k shutter speed (decent-moderate camera would be sufficient, cybershots even take decent action pics in the right light,) run a laser pointer along a path to take the cat in front of the camera, and bam... action-cat photo.
But perhaps I overthink things...
AHHHH!  GOT ME +Matt Mould !!  Thank you for the RATIONAL and professional explanation.  I was lost there, but now I'm found.  +100   
Sherlock? Well, I honestly had no idea how this was done, but like I said, it's nice to give the person who did a photo credit when it's posted.  :)
When they try to take me to the vet...
It's got some space time dialation going on there
Fer Nan
Freezer open !!! mmm
u know what that cat is thinking

(thinking) must reach the....... FART!!!! litter box :(
The super mouse calls for SUPER CAT! lol
all types of awesome. So dope it kinda looks like PIXAR did it!!!!
Jim L.
a new specie of floating cats.. whoa.. 
maybe camara is fast to get picture like that
Jim L.
No... it's a new specie of cat. Dogs beware!! /sarc
Wow, I want that to be my cat but I'd never catch it :P
I wonder how many cat pictures and videos are on the internet? If aliens were to look at that, they would probably think that we worship them or something lol
Well that's what the Egyptians did so it'll be tres retro lol
... okay... so your an alien lover? wierd......
The nxt version of the cheetah!lol
where's the bathroom ?!! .. hehe.. great shot!
Pix don't show the big dog chasing her - 
I love the mechanics of a cat's run. Fascinating!
its not even moving that fast
Love it! Pretty sure my cats do not run this fast. ;)
Fairly accurate representation of how I leave work on Friday! All you feel is a breeze and a slight flash!
Great shot, full speed ahead, lol
Nice. Beautiful cat.
It's just amazingly boss like that
dinner is served!
hover cat hitting second gear.?..
Awesome shot!!! Greatness of shutter speed!
that is really amazing!
i love pictures of cats running (when they just happen to be in mid-air)
this is the living proof that cats can fly!
what kind of camera did you use?
+Joseph Lee  Could be a motivational poster.  FOCUS: The relentless pursuit of your goals, aspirations or mice.
Mitchell Morris,
Hind legs run
Front legs keep balance and steer
Standard quadraped procedure when traveling at high speeds
It must b after Jerry!  ;-)
Anyways, Supershot
superman to the rescue
Emily N
Stunning & cute! 
This was the first picture I ever seen with the "I must go, my people need me" caption. That was around 2007 I think. 

The best version of this picture can be found by searching "Darth Vader riding a cat" as posted by +Renee Sanchez here:
Like Calvin (as in Calvin & Hobbes) says : "KAPWING!" For the technical part, maybe the guy stole one of our French radars. That's ok, we have too many of them anyway.
fantastic captured moment! so fun and beautiful!
not photoshop  there is a shadow
on the floor
Not much Hover about that Cat. What a fantastic Photo. Wish I could capture my Cats like that. Whenever I see them they are asleep. Well Done!!
Nice shot, amazing the depth of his/her stride.
Looks like a cheetah on the run. :)
That's like a still from the RoadRunner.
Love the intense look on It's face!
first of all, why did you photoshop the rocket off the cat? It ruins the whole picture!!
 and second, is the look on its face due to birth pains?
Wow puts a whole new meaning to the right place at the right time.
Don't really like pictures of cats, but this one is super awesome!
this cat is working out to catch a mouse. lol
i agree with that,,,, I love cats,,,, 
This speed still cannot catch the fastest mouse in all mexico - Speedy Gonzales. :D
I'm starting to lose faith in G+. I am constantly seeing guys post about "caturday". WTF? Go post this feminine crap on facebook....and don't let the door hit you in the vagina on the way out. I'm pulling your man card, along with any other guy who +1's this nonsense.
Joe V
thats a hilarious pic
"super kitty flies to the rescue"
...wicked...i love kittens and physics...
Love to see it hit the brakes !!!!!
Did someone open a slice of CHEESE!!!!????
Charl K
Very nice picture. Thanks 
looks like a roadrunner scene
wat is that if its a rat ewww but a cat awwwww or a freckishly small dog awwwwwwwww
That cat is really moving out, maybe he's chasing a mouse or a bird. Or maybe he's just in deep do da!!!!!!LOL
Five will get you ten that the family dog is closing in fast....
If I'm not mistaken; I saw this picture with a storm trooper on the cat's back.
So cute!(>^ω^<)喵
LOL that cat looks like a fuzzy ball with a face and a tale
I lied it wasn't a storm trooper it was Darth Vader. Found it on Google images.
I lied it wasn't a storm trooper it was Darth Vader. Found it on Google images.
crazy like a cheetah on the Serengeti the agile house cat smells it next meal from over 10 feet away an springs into action across the kitchen floor.
Ha ha ha, really funny; this cat must be in trouble to run like that.
Good shot.
Wow. That cat looks like its in huge trouble
The Cottonelle cat on his way to my bathroom! I'm outta paper!
Sees dog, stops "Meep Meep" zoom
this is either the amazing levitating cat or an alien !
cute, purrrrrr...........speed
Its amazing how much traction that cat seems to have on that wood floor. But she has places to be and getting there is something that has to be done now!
it is like a mix between a puma and a cheetah in one house cat
Hovercat. Interesting enough, a Cheetah during full stride is airborne about 50% of the time. 
awesome .... the other day I read that the fastest man on earth usain bolt was only like 5-10 km/h slower than your average cat ... there you go
oh my god, that was the perfect moment to take the picture. so funny.
the OLYMPIC is waitting me....yippeeeeee here i come....
Hey you.....Leave my fish alone or I gonna chase you...
Que buena foto..!! Tomada en el momento justo, q le pasó que corría así ..?! 
Fantástica foto, sirve para la olimpiada de gatos.ja ja ja.....
Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing. This gave me a big smile in the midst of an unhappy moment. Kudos for the photographic prowess to capture this.
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