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Move over +Sheldon Cooper, I think I've found my next board game! I've mentioned 3 dimensional chess from Star Trek, virtual chess over hangouts, and vertical chess that can double as art, but this 3 Man Chess board takes the cake. It's a variant that can accommodate three players without compromising any of the original rules! So what do you say, any takers? ;)
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Never mind playing this variant; I could just look at it; it's beautiful
I'll take it. Will you accept a check, mate?
First move: castle take castle (every time) ;)
Yes just think how long a 3 person game would take lol
I think this is great. But I wonder if it can be programmed in most software apps. It definitely can change the games expectations.You'll need three timers. Also the gambits and strategies will be so different. Can be challenging and a short game without any draw. Winner takes all.
It may be a faster game but oddly enough, unlike regular chess, I think I would actually watch it being played...
Survivor Chess? Great another reality show...=)
I'd like to see a 3D version of this chess board. And then we can play it in a hangout!
Beautiful board! I like the swirly inlays through the pieces. Wow.
+Owen Niblock and +Reverend Eric Ha , just read the game rules and there are "Moats" (thick green line, extending about 3 squares) that cannot be crossed to take a piece or for check. That would solve the castle-take-castle move.
Awesome - that makes total sense :) Now I just have to make friends with one of the other players and destroy the third.

I'm not competitive
wow !! .. can we c it in action ?!? ..ny video on this or any link to play this online?
This is very interesting.. the circles help you guide for a diagonal move. This would be the 2nd time I've seen someone made a derivative of the classic chess game - 1st would be SuperChess. BTW: Don't you think it's hard to move your night all around? How about the pawns will they all end up at the center? XD
I like this a lot, shame no one else at home plays chess :-(
I usually go with the trianglular board. But this one IS prettier ~
so castles and queens can go in circles? and pawns achieven nothing except reaching a dead end? :P still quite intriguing alright
I've played 3-way games and it usually degrades into not a competition of wits of three, but to two against one till one is gone, then back to mano y mano..
In games of 3 player magic we had a house rule where you couldn't consecutively attack the same person, maybe that can be adapted here :-)
Oh wow THAT could save a few arguments over who's turn it is. Where would I go to purchase it?
+Joseph Lee not played magic since I was 16 - still got the old cards somewhere I think!
How would one ever trap an opponent in a fool's mate? : )) Or, lock someone in a row? It could be very difficult to close this game out.
You'd have to ignore my badly prepared deck & verrry old cards lol but I'd be up for that :) I'd probably need to rig up some sort of overhead webcam (rather than the one on my laptop). Will message you separately about it.
huh, that look as one chess board impossible to play :O
Imagine the beauty if the gray pieces were replaced with red ones?
That is neat, i would love to give this a go. I do recall seeing this some time ago also but never got it for some reason
Not me, chess is a waste. Like wordfeud. And this comment. :-D Trollollolloll
It's hard enough trying to beat one person... :( Hey, but it's awesome just the same.
I played 3-way chess YEARS ago. it was awesome.
Nice. I tried inventing a three player a little over 20 years ago using a hexagonal grid and borrowing from Chinese, Japanese and European, all of which had descended from an Arabic game with four players, two teams of two, where a dice determined what piece you could move. Mine didn't involve a dice, of course. Turned out to be too complicated.

However, this game looks workable. The important thing, in my view, would just be to insure that it can be played by just two players. A lot of times it is easier to get two players together than three. Get people to playing two, getting used to the game, get more people to get used to playing the game, then bring in the third person.
The concept of introducing third player is about bringing the game closer to real life. In real life very often there is more than two sides of a conflict thus creating a need for alliances and there is always a risk that within a wining team one of the members will decide to take everything.
I have a 4 player version with a square board....Like the round one though first time I seen it.....Where can you get a set?
Would like to play this game. Reminds me of life, nothing is ever black and white. Very interesting moves..
lol y a chess board
what do u mean the big bang theory sheldons three person chess lol
omg is eneyone online
what no it dosent
looks good enough to eat :) pizza
stop talking 2 me
yaall are stuped seya
I saw this on Gizmodo yesterday. It just seems like a fun way to have two people beat me instead of just one.
dis is a dumb chat room
I want to check this out someday, could be pretty fun.
my head hurts looking at it but it could be fun. I was in the chess club in high school(nerdie)
I really want to watch people playing this game. Just to see if it is about trapping pieces or slaughtering the opposing army.
I'm rooting for you +Joseph Lee vs Sheldon because that board game looks like pizza with bacon toppings.
Byzantine chess is bad enough with two players.
what do you do with the middle bit ?
Cat Ide
You can find a prettier version of this on Ebay. It's a three player set made in Poland out of real wood, and IIRC it's the same rules.
That just got added to my Christmas list. Thanks!
@GraceB France You should join ... it seems you have plenty of good ideas .. and that's what we are looking for ..:)
hmm.... if the wee black line separating players for the first 3 grids can't be crossed it would be a fun game!
Not feeling the look of play on this. I also agree with Peng.
+Bobby A. Padua if you make it I will try and play it.
No matter how the game is played, the board looks impressive. An admirable craftsmanship!
That's awesome. How is this accomplished
Sign me up! That's tremendous!
what happens when a piece reaches the middle?
I'll leave it to you to figure out why the two of us can't play three person chess....

~Sheldon Cooper
Strategic collaboration comes to Chess
It taks 3, I kind of like that. It looks like a true game of wits... You play two players, and test your game....
looks like so much fun. I want!!
without any doubt I am interested... I've always thought Chess was the closer to war than any other game I ever played, as if it contained all the elements whereas most games only contain one or two. But this is even better... How often in war is it not terribly clear who your friends and enemies are?
Wow, i hope this is as witty as it looks, it might even be the greatest game of all times..who would of thought....but i truly need to play before commenting any further, This is a must play........
looks awesome.......but id rather not get double teamed.
interesting.. but the rook.. could it just eat it's way through the side?
you know if you make it a little bigger four players can play maybe even more!!!
I think Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory tried to do something like that... yours seems to have turned out right.
Pete Su
Looks cool. I wouldn't mind giving it a try.
I have a hard enough time finding one other player, but that looks awesome
No one would play with me but I could stare into the engraving of those lines forever....
that is so cool i have never heard of three dimensional chess
any1 see this game on da big bang theory!!! :P
This must be very difficult to win. I assume it's even more challenging than the original with 2 opponents.
6.e9 c10 Qb11 7.Bxb11 Grey resigns 8.(TROLLFACE)
If you notice, there is a black line on either side of your pieces going 3 blocks vertically, I don't think it was intended to be as easy as taking castle by castle at start of each game that easily, It makes sense to go around the black line... I'm not willing to pay 60 bucks to get a simple chess game such as this shipped here to Canada, its not even made of glass for that price, so I think I'll make my own at home
Absolutely AWSOME! No need for Sheldon's extra pieces.. But I do wonder how movement around the center axis will work. guess I'm in!
I think the bishop in this game has some incredible advantages, there are plenty of flaws though (I think) like how can a pawn ever make it to the last rank to get promoted? Also someone mentioned the rook problem, whoever goes 1st could immediately take a the neighbors rook with his own and then begin to decimate the neighbor kingdom's 8th rank. !!! (BTW I saw that domain for sale nice ambition!!)
do the bishops follow the spiral lines? if so, it is possible that a bishop returns to its start point in one turn's play! this if effectively skipping one's turn
nice one to play ,, indoor brain activity stimulates
Good idea and have 2 play d game
A new mile stone. More complex to play... seems world war!!
This is very cool. I own a 4 player chess game and it is slightly more complicated to play. Your board is beautiful.
If there isn't there totally should be...

Maybe an exclusive G+ web version? =)
Any stats on popularity? Any proof that three heads are better than two? Has anyone called it a three-ring cricus?
3 players 6 kings n queens .. godds and goddesses?? gives 666 a new meaning??
ilike it!
shifty game!... vector reality.. hummmm....
Sof K
aha this look more interesting! :)
hmm nice upgrade to an original legend.... kool
This won't work actually without additional rules because the first thing all the players would do would be to take the next guy's rook. Maybe that's what the bars on the board are for between the rooks. But then you won't have unimpeded motion later in the game either. This is not to mention the obvious problems of pawns at the center of the board.

Cool idea though.
I agree with Franchot va Slot. Because every two player who are next to each other their rook and standing next to each other. and in the center there is again a problem... So you need some new rules to continue with this 3 player's chess.
Uh...I think this changes the dynamic of the whole game. Whoever starts first can immediately take the opponents rook. frankly, you can just do a counter clock wise rook charge on the opening, and the kings only defense would be to move into the open, putting it at a serious disadvantage.

This version actually takes back row mating to a whole nother level.
Sadly, they claim a patent on the layout. It'll be 19 years until it's a real game.
i must say if it works,,then it is awsum invention...
looks cool but wont be exciting to play. first two players will pact to eliminate the third and then there is so much space that a decent player will never be checkmated. interesting as a coffee table accessory and centre of talking point for some days.
The last player to move is potentially at a big disadvantage. "Diagonal"-maneuvering also looks realllllly trippy.... o_o Gimme that good ol' fashioned Star Trek 3D chess. I hear that even comes with an obligatory round of a synthohol beverage, which I am eager to sample.
my question is how on earth does a pawn reach the 'other side' to get the proverbial upgrade to a queen or whatever else you've lost and want back ?
I love Chess but a "circular chess board"...hmm an interesting concept? do the rules remain same? how would one play? How to end/ check and mate, what strategy work better? I would certainly love to try.
there would be no safety in castling on this board.

Overall rating
Trey H
ille give it a shot! anyone want a match in chess over hangouts? PM' me
Uh-oh! I think I may just have found a Christmas present for my husband!
Could anyone post a video of them playing? i think it would give me a better grasp of whats going on. Awesome idea btw, cant wait to play
Sai Lay
nice !! i wanna play !!
Someone hurry up and make a version can play on my computer...
Really wonderful..Just imagining how will i play in it..
Awesome board. It looks so beautiful.
awesome dude ....simply....awesome!!!!!!!!
woo... amazing... bt hw to play this...????
Cool! And 3 players? The more the merrier. Even the quandary potential sounds almost perplexes my noggin. XD
what kinnda lousy shit is dis !!!!!!
Never new google had crazy shit like this..
Ok maybe I missed it BUT for the record that center space, can more than 1 piece occupy it or is it only for one piece like all other spaces only extremely larger and if I have a knight one square outside of it and I go down two and over one and the second space is the large circle can my over 1 be anywhere else outside the space except the like I went down two on and how would a bishop move using this design? Sign me up for a tutorial...
I dunno, its way too hard to find 1 competent person to play chess with, let alone finding 2 at once.
I'd rather say "3-person chessboard" than "3 Man chessboard".
So. If I was to make my first move and lets pretend I was white (presumably first to go) I would instantly take either black or greys castle with my own. Seems obvious. What am I missing?
I see a line between the two rooks, i gather that's an illegal move. Site's down. What happens in the middle?
Curious... Just today I've seen a similar game in one of the episodes of Futurama (season 2).
this way, battle fades to diplomacy.. unacceptable! :)
Just kill me before I even have to try it...
4 player chess is pretty fun as well. I have a 4 player chess set myself. Been meaning to buy this variant, maybe soon. :)
it;s lovely .........
How do you promote a pawn?
Does it come with other toppings?
Oh my Gosh this looks awesome! Where can I buy this?
So...Diagonal moves just developed a curvy trajectory...Nice innovation though
I will take it... I think its gonna make the the game a thriller
if you can set some similar rules to the ancient chess. You would've actually revolutionized the game. Awesome
I would love to introduce it to the school children. Please tell me where to get it
I don't think it would be successful. People will stick to the old chess board.
it looks quit interesting bro !!!
great job man !!
i love chess :)
Looks like a world world.....kings vs kings vs kings,,,still would like to play -- Back end Down?
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i think this will be easier than the regular one . . in LIMBO ;) :) :D
Looks like this is required for Obama or in General Americans. Play will be against Republicans, Democrats and the Common Man. :) Just in time for the game :)-
I'd love to give this a go where can I get one and who wants a game
Creative idea challenges hundreds of years of tradition, Awesome!
This is a whole new level and I can't stop thinking about the first move.
This is awesome - never heard of it before. Gorgeous look...and I bet the play is engaging.
More complex and alliances !
+Tim Watkins Maybe the google+ effect (similar to slashdot effect)? I want a board... and friends who would play it with me!
Rook takes rook
Rook takes knight
Knight takes pawn
Knight takes bishop
Knight takes pawn
Check Mate!
I'm still waiting for that holographic chess game from Star Wars: Episode IV.
It looks like there is a gray bar separating rook-rook, which is good, since otherwise, rook-takes-rook would be a possible 1st move!
omg u really want 2 ply chess
This looks almost as cool as the 4 man chess set my cousin got 45 years ago! ;^/
wow u all r loosers
What is the rule for the center then? a bishop is protesting the king or queen from both sides or they can't cross the inner circle...?
i wana play this game........................
hay what is the rule to play the game. if it is possible
+Famosha Mosha On the other side of the link it says that the rules are essentially the same as standard Western chess.  They say that you really can't improve on those rules.  I tried though a while back with what was also a three player game, but on a hexagonal grid.  It could also be played as a two player game.

It turns out that there are three main existing historical chess games, one Western, one Chinese - with a "river" down the middle that only certain pieces are able to cross, and Japanese - where when you capture an opponent's piece it becomes one of yours, which can quickly shift the balance of power, making for quicker games.  All three games evolved from a Middle Eastern version with four players, where each player had only one rook, one bishop, and one knight, and the user had to roll a six-sided dice to determine which piece they would move.

A king came to power who was opposed to gambling and outlawed games of chance.  This effectively destroyed the ancestral game which gave rise to the three branches that evolved over time.

My game combined elements of Western and Japanese, but rather than being able to use captured opponent pieces as your own you could take their "powers" and assign them to your own pieces.  While I finished creating the game, I never really had the chance to play it with anyone other than a younger brother - and he wasn't especially interested.  I didn't try that hard to get others to play it, though, as it seemed overly complicated to me.

As such, I am largely although not entirely inclined to agree with their view that you can't improve upon the traditional rules.  Games, particularly complicated games like chess, evolve over time and over generations of players, who may tinker with them around the edges to reflect their own experiences.  The tinkering is similar to mutation, and similar to the tinkering in the storytelling involved in the retelling of myths by different storytellers, or tinkering with natural languages by those who speak them.

The willingness of other participants (players, listeners and storytellers, and speakers) to accept a given change acts much like the pressure of natural selection.  Complexity that is well-adapted to the constraints that are in place is the result.  This isn't really something that is easily if at all replicated by a single mind employing a the top-down approach of an architect acting in accordance with some predetermined plan.  It is necessarily an experimental process of discovering what works.
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