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I know which version of the Dark Knight Rises I'd rather see ;)

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Spoiler Alert, he goes on to become a mayor ;)
The preceding announcement was brought to by Viagra.
Ada M
No one would be more overjoyed then West, at bringing in West as Batman. No one.
at first it looked like it said rice. but then i figured it out. hehe:)
Someone need to make a shirt out of this.
Battery to power turbine to speed...roger
When the previews of the Adam West Batman were released prior to it's debut, it led you to believe it would more like the Green Hornet TV series. A lot of disappointed kids and none more then I, but it grew on you.
There has been no better suited actors for the part of The Joker and Batman than Heath Ledger and what's his face!!!... Coz he's Batman!!!
Yes! "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"
i have an autographed pic from him when Alan was doing the show.Yes i am old enough to remember and enjoy the show. Hell i watch the Electric company just for the Spiderman bits. 
haahah this is the worst batman pants and cape i have ever seen, really funny. LOL
smexy. jk I like the costume though.
Batman and Bane in a crunk off would be epic!!!

...really fucking epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats really really funny!
BAM!!! KA-POW!!! ZAPP!!! (couldn't help myself;)
I would love to see that poster in a theater.
the red telephone and the fire-pole...priceless.
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