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I love Doctor Who just like anybody but you just don't mess with Bill Nye the Science Guy ;)

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The Doctor travels through time. It's quite possible he gave Nye the idea.
+Andy Brokaw It's also possible I gave the Doctor the idea it's cool to tell Bill Nye LOL time travel.
Please these clowns don't know how to spell cool, it was me.
Exactly!!! I totally agree # BILLNYETHESCIENCEGUY
Everyone seems to forget Orville Redenbacher.
I made Tardis a real word.

Bitch.....wait, I don't have a comeback for that one.
it is true bow ties are now cool they weren't before smile face
That picture of the Doctor is so sexy!
I'm doctor Patrick (bystander) Doctor who? (Me) Yes him too.
I'm still saying the Doctor made bowties cool long before Nye... it was just the second Doctor =)
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