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Morning plussers, as I've always said, the best breakfast is the one that Incorporates dessert...and bacon. These pancake cupcakes with maple bacon frosting therefore fit the bill nicely! Just don't forget to wipe the cream mustache off after having a few of these ;)
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Ooooh. I need to change my boxers now.
/me whipes the drool from my chin..hey those cream mustaches are saving some for later...
Sorry Pat, I removed the spam, now it seems like you're yelling at Bob lol
All good, I removed my comment so nobody get's confused :]
I know no one was yelling at me. I had 'bacon' in the sentence. I saw the spam and +Pat Irwin comment. I had a similar experience on one of my posts. It was only a matter of time until they came, wasn't it?
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