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Have a green thumb but are limited to an apartment sized space? The Green Wheel project has you covered, with a little bit of help from NASA. The original principle was developed by NASA in the 1980s with a hydroponic wheel that could grow a large surface area of plants using only a single light source. Sadly a prototype was never developed until DesignLibero picked up where NASA left off. The Green Wheel is essentially a two dimensional Dyson sphere, with a single LED light source radiating energy to all the plants in the circumference of the inner ring of the wheel. The plants get the water they need once per hour as the ring rotates each section into a reservoir at the bottom. All in all I'd say the design looks great and would be a cool way to grow over 8 feet of herbs in a relatively small space. Of course what you choose to grow is up to you ;)
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They had those on Stargate Universe.
So many ring references on my stream after the eclipse lol
with plants? You get s.a. = 4pi*r^2 from a Dyson sphere and only s.a. = 2pi*r*h from a cylinder
The concept of ring worlds lives on =)
Joseph (+Joseph Lee), Yes, i.t. ... once again, brings a new meaning to the term "sod" buster. Regards, Randy
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