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Sadly cats have discovered the other overheated part of the Macbook Pro ;)

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lol funny i literally JUST reblogged that photo myself
at least screens tend not to go all asplodey on ya
Clever kitty is clever.
Hopefully the screen won't get scratched
"Never torture your$elf over the pa$t. U$e it a$ a teacher. Whatever happened to you in the pa$t, ha$ only prepared you for now...
that's not a macbook pro buddy
That looks like a cheap Samsung copy of a MacBook Pro!
It's sitting on it because it isn't a MacBook Pro 
It must be comfortably warm right there.
that's not even a MacBook Pro. it's a crappy PC.
no because its a mac, this is a good pc cat
No decent mac owner would let a mangey cat near it!
That's a pc. But what's the page he's sitting on? The news?
This kitty should be in a New Jersey approved Computer Users Animal Restraint or face a $250-$1000 fine.  How cruel to let your pet just sit on your computer and key in a lot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's!  Kidding!!
The cat is obviously more intelligent than the writer of this post - it knows the difference between a PC and a Macbook.
And the lesson is: Never use an image of a sandbox as your screen saver.
Wonder if the screen has a story about the iPhone 5 on it?
"kizz ma kitteh butt"
Jared R
I'm sure apple will find a way to sue someone over this picture....
The cat just thought it could get a xerox of it's ass, that's all!
This what I call good Technician who discover the cause in 5 secs LOL
Probably feels good on a cold winter day.
Hope she doesn't leave skid marks.
Apple haters will even put down obvious windows laptops in their efforts to prove their fallible points...
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that's the best........ :) 
oh my gosh i need a pic of my cat doing that lol my binx-y is so cute!!
Cats thinking ok fine ill just sit on your screen from now on lol

Cats dumb as f***, that's a PC.... You leave that thing on long enough an that cat will get burn blisters.... My MacBook Pro runs cool all day every day in my a/c chilled home (at 68 degrees) lol
I actually only turned it off a few times (mostly when the battery dies on me) and have had it for a couple years now. it sits on my leather couch all day and never gets overly warm. An it's weird how it's only got a core 2 duo and 8gb of ram but its blazing fast compared to my 6 month old quad core PC (which is slower than sh** an recently decided that its not gonna stay on for more than 30 seconds)
+Derrick Rose $$$ which you obviously don't have
So Apple will sue over the squareness of apps, but laptops that are blatantly copying the Macbook series are totally okay?
I don't understand this world anymore.
Erm, small point here... APPLE WERENT FIRST TO MAKE ANYTHING and have basically copied everything from everywhere else.
Think you might find IBM were makin portable terminals and later more sophisticated shit well before apple. Though i wouldnt quote me :-P
I was referring to the (charging lead ) that it looks like

Louis B
Wow blatant liar. That laptop is not even a Mac. Pathetic
Buena idea! Voy a culpar el gato por descargar tanto porno!
Hope apple don't find a reason to sue... :(
If I walked in an my cat was doing that, my house would very quickly be short one cat...
Hope the cat didn't do You know what on it 😥😥
i'd keep the cat and get rid of u
Jacob G
It's not a mac book pro!
I went someone who is ready to marry me .
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