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Just another bad, bad decision. After defending Flash Player on mobile for 2+ years, Adobe sticks a knife in my back. Over it.
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Was it a pre-salted knife that twists automatically? I hate those..
Plugins are dead but AS3 is alive and well. Luckily we can compile all our Flash games into native (dependency free) APPS for all platforms: win, mac, ios, android. No Flash plugin required.
I'm w/ you there Joseph. I have so much egg on my face it is ridiculous! Today feels like I lost a distant loved one.
First time in years flash got some positive press reviews regarding stage3d, and with this Adobe ruined it all.All those Open Screen Alliance partners must feel like fools today
The problem is we become emotionally involved in anything that takes up as much time as code does in our life. And we see all the things that make it great and we champion it. But technology, superior or inferior is in the hands of lumbering corporate overloards who duke it out like thousand-foot-high rockem-sockem robots while jockying for position to line their CEOs pockets while still making the stockholders happy. Therefore, even though software seems like an ecosystem where good ideas evolve and survive, it is not the case. Don't hold your icons too holy.
I don't know what I have heard is true or not but the big news is also that Adobe is going away from amxmlc compiler which is used in AIR runtime.. even if rumor comes to life in 2 years from now it makes sense to introspect if it is worth spending time and effort on it.
That being said , I am flex developer for a year and half now and I have been to MAX this year to understand all about flex for mobile.. I still hope that Adobe won't abandon AIR ( since they have to ship separately for ios devices and we have still performance issues with it )but oh well, have to really think hard whether I want to stick with it.
well one of my friend mentioned it to me saying it is a gray market news....that's why I said it's a rumor....but since he mentioned specific about AIR compiler, I kind of want to get in touch with him sometimes today if he has any further details on it
Wow man, that's very adult of you. I'd expect you to be a lot more pissed.
Are they going to give security patches for the time-being? Failing that, are they going to allow people to keep the flash they already have active for a while. I'm sure everybody is going to revert to HTML5 or AIR etc, but until then it would be nice to be able to access the things that aren't on my phone.
That's excellent, I feel a lot better now, thanks :)