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The latest podcast is now live! We got +Joshua Vergara, myself, and David Imel from +VR Source in this one. We missed Johnny Feist this week, but he should be back next week! :D
Join Joshua Vergara, Joe Hindy and David Imel for another great episode of the Android Authority Podcast. Joe wanted to rant a little about the Windows 10 anniversary update, Josh explained his long trip that included Jimmy Westenberg's wedding, IFA in Berlin and iPhone coverage in Australia. A little more iPhone coverage followed. Joe has the ZTE Axon 7 in hand, listen on to see if he loves it or not. Josh issues a small warning, there is a leng...
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Why are you not certified on here?
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Joseph Hindy

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Well, ZTE didn't make it easy but I got some battery stats for the Axon 7. With moderate usage, I'm on pace for 5 hours SoT and 23 hours total (give or take). That's not bad. Moderate usage is about 30 minutes of gaming, some YouTube, some music, and a bunch of social media, messaging, and web browsing.

fwiw I keep GPS, Dolby enhancements, and Bluetooth off if I'm not using it, NFC on, and I'm super strict on the syncing habits if my apps (weather app doesn't use location, twitter syncs once daily, etc).

Slightly better than the V10 if I keep an eye on it. 
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+EdwaᴚĐ Σℓℛῗς for what it's worth. 
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Joseph Hindy

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So earlier this week I decided that I was done with USB wireless adapters and PCI wireless adapters. I've been using a variety of them over the last few years because my desktop is never anywhere close to my router. TL;DR, they all sucked for various reasons. Either because of connection issues or, more commonly, driver issues. Especially after I updated to Windows 10 (not Microsoft's fault, it's third party's fault for not doing a proper damn driver).

So my goal since about Wednesday afternoon (since my T4UH AC1200 from TP-Link decided that its drivers weren't good enough anymore) has been to find an alternate solution. There were two obvious ones:

1. Buy a 100ft cat5 cable and run it through my entire house.
2. Buy Powerline, which essentially runs the web through your existing circuitry in your house and directly to your PC. Cool!

However, each one had its pros and cons. I have dogs, so running cables through the house would've been potentially damaging. Sure, I could have hung them up, but then I have a nasty blue cable (I already own a 100ft cat5 cable) all over my house and I do often have to shut my office door to record podcasts and video scripts. So no go there.

The Powerline idea was SO cool. The adapters were expensive as shit, but my house was new enough to have the compatible circuitry. Sadly, my office and where I could plug the Powerline into the wall were on different breakers and there was nothing I could do about it. The result was a 50% speed degredation that I couldn't recover unless I literally tore my house apart or re-arranged my entire living room and office. Nope.

What I ended up doing was buying this wireless extender:

It cost about as much as a Powerline set does and it's more than fast enough to handle my 110mbit download and 10mbit upload.

What I did was plugged it into my office closest to the door, set it up, and then ran a cat5 cable from it to my desktop (under a rug I have in there and along the wall to look nice). I then turned off the WiFi extension capabilities. Why? Because my house is compact enough and my router is good enough that every corner of my house gets max signal. A range extender spouting wifi would be superfluous, so I turned it off lol. I only needed the ethernet port anyway.

So now I have what is essentially a wireless receiver in my office that runs internet hardwired into my desktop. No more drivers, no more USB ports or PCI slots taken up by buggy, shitty hardware. Only downside is that my ping is about 10ms slower (about 30-35ms total), but I get full speeds.

A costly fix, but it should be the last time I have to deal with networking in my house for a long, long time. 
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It's so easy to do, I'm shocked I didn't find this recommended anywhere. 
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Joseph Hindy

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Axon 7 first 2 hour impressions:

1. The Snapdragon 820 can do some WORK. I didn't expect it to be this much faster than the 808 in my V20 V10.

2. It feels so nice to be back on AMOLED. That extra little saturation really makes stuff pop.

3. The DAC on this thing is awesome. The front facing speakers are similarly awesome. Like HTC One M9/M7 awesome, but Dolby > Boomsound. System wide equalizer without root? Yes please!

4. The fingerprint scanner is on par with the V10. It hits like 90-95% of the time. Doesn't register half taps very well. Oh well.

5. The non illuminated keys take about 2 hours to get used to. Hit box is small, but it's easy to get used to. I don't care at all that they're not illuminated and haven't had issues finding stuff.

6. This phone is beautiful.

7. This software works well, but it is not beautiful. I won't be using any of ZTE's stock apps. Probably installing Nova Launcher. The launcher on this is not great. Also, MediaMonkey (a music app) isnt showing the menu button. Time to send an email!

8. Finally, the camera is not THAT bad unless you're in a borderline blackened room. See attached photos. I mean, it's not V10, G5/V20, S7/Edge/Note 7 good by any stretch, but with a little patience and manual mode, you can take some perfectly acceptable photos in lower light. It is definitely not HTC One M9 bad. Far better.

Honey moon phase is in full effect though. I'm quite enjoying this device. 
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I had no idea that was required. I'll have to look that up.
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Joseph Hindy

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Probably a bit late, but here is a quick look video for Google Allo :) I hope you enjoy it!
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Sure, post a G+ and tag me in it. 
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Joseph Hindy

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First day of +Destiny the Game#RiseofIron in the books.

1. Got the new main quest done.
2. Go the Khvostov 7G-0X

Tomorrow will be the Gjallarhorn quest line. So far so good, having a lot of fun. 
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Joseph Hindy

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The Presidential Debate 2016 in two sentences:


Isn't the point of a debate to explain the policies these two whackos are going to use to, yknow, run this country? When does that part start? Or did I miss it?
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-Gary Sims for president!
-But he is British
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Joseph Hindy

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I think I'm finally getting the hang of this Axon 7. Made some tweaks and changed some settings. Disabled some system apps that I'll never use. On pace for 6 hours of screen on time and/or 24 hours of battery life. This is Note 4 levels of good, but to be fair I'm super obsessed with what's running on my phone and when. This is not what you'd get as an average user. 
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I don't think I can even get access to it lol, but it doesn't bother me.
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Joseph Hindy

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My latest Android Apps Weekly is live. This week it's saying goodbye to Milk Music, a new Humble Bundle, AMP pages going live worldwide, and (obviously) Google Allo :)

Article -
Video - linked below
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Joseph Hindy

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Okay so one of the biggest complaints I've seen with the Axon 7 is the signal strength and how some people have had wildly different stats based on different phones.

Naturally, I was curious. I took screen shots of an LTE analyzer and a WiFi analyzer before swapping my SIM card into the Axon 7. I was expecting quite a difference based on what I read.

I always quite shocked to find a difference of less than 10%. On LTE, my V10 drifted between -80db and -90db while the Axon 7 drifted between -85db and -95db. I stood in exactly the same place for both tests.

The WiFi was even closer. On the V10, it drifted between -37db and -41db while the Axon 7 drifted between -40db and -43db. Despite being hooked into a wireless AC connection, both devices registered that their max throughput was 433mbit. Not ideal, because that's not AC speeds, but it's definitely not an Axon 7 problem.

So it is a little bit worse, but at no point today have I see a difference in real world performance. Everything is working as expected. Please note, the update that went out yesterday likely remedied a few of these problems before I had a chance to pick up the phone. =) 

*The first two screenshots should be the Axon 7, and the last two should be the V10*
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+Joseph Hindy​ I think you are probably right, I have read other reports that it made a noticeable improvement, but your screenshots are the first actual evidence I have seen. 
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Joseph Hindy

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Woo-hoo it's new phone day! Time to take this bad boy for a spin =) #axon7
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Enjoy 😎 your phone day 
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Joseph Hindy

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I'm having a great time with Google Allo. As a texting app it's far and away better than any SMS app I've ever seen. Google Assistant is actually really fun. The basic commands are eh, but I have it set to show me all kinds of stuff at regular intervals. The subscription feature is awesome. Weather every morning at 10am, NHL news every evening at 7pm. I'll be adding more for sure.

I haven't used some of its functionality yet (incognito chat, etc), but the basics are extremely well done and it's very smooth. 
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+Sowande Brown-Lawson so show the multiple screenshots in one post and link that post? 
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I bought a used 2005 Chevy Equinox from here. The salesman was nice enough. As per the norm, it's a higher than average sales situation but they will listen to you if you're insistent. The car was clean and seemed alright. It developed a problem with the AC which they fixed for free when I paid to have it inspected. There are so issues they probably could've taken care of before selling the car which is irritating. If you're coming here, be extremely picky if you're buying used. Their new car selection is good and their service department is fantastic, if wildly expensive. I'm not saying I wouldn't come back here, because I probably will, but they could be doing a little better. They do little car shoes every now and then (ask for flyers with the dates from the people inside) that are cheesy but fun if you like old Chevy cars. Anyway, good little atmosphere, just be weary of the used cars and go on a through test drive.
• • •
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I come to this place to grab food about 2 or 3 times a month. Staff is usually very friendly and my food is made well enough (it's a chain pizza place, not expecting anything amazing). No complaints really, just be prepared for some longer wait times during busy days. Particularly Friday and Saturday evenings and sometimes on Sundays during football games.
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This place is wicked close to the 71 highway which means it's noisy. This part of town is really rough as well. If you have no other options, this place will do the trick, but I wouldn't go wandering around outside at night too much. The Giant Eagle nearby is a nice grocery store, though.
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I've been coming here for decades and it's pretty much the same place as it's always been. A little more "modern" when it comes to the music tracks (no more listening to Korn and Limp Bizkit while bowling, not that people listen to those bands anymore anyway). Still, the food there is "good enough" after you've had a few drinks and the booze is strong, even if it's not super top shelf. Actually bowling is relatively inexpensive and its "24/7" open policy is just a lot of fun. This is both kid and adult friendly, although you'll need to look up the Palace's official website to make sure you don't end up there on a league night when it's harder to get a lane. Otherwise, it's very enjoyable.
• • •
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28 reviews
I've been coming here for most of the last 3 years. I was originally apprehensive because of its proximity to the freeway and neighborhoods that are less than savory. However, it seems most of those negative elements don't show up here and they have a cop posted up after dark which helps make one feel safe. Anyway, the selection here is pretty good. It's mostly run-of-the-mill stuff and you can get various meats, produce, and specially made stuff there similar to other grocery stores in the area. Admittedly, the Kroger in Westerville is a bit better with the organic/produce stuff, but I don't really buy organic much anyway. Otherwise, the staff is friendly, although there is a U-Scan section if you don't want to interact with them. About the only thing I'm not a huge fan of is that you HAVE to have a Giant Eagle Advantage card in order to use the U-Scan and you can only get them if you show up while the help counter is open. On the plus side, the rewards points you earn gets you money off of gas and their pumps are right out front. We've bought groceries then driven right to the gas station to get cheaper gas. That's kind of nice. If you can make it to the Kroger in Westerville, that's the better store, but this is definitely not a bad place to stock up on groceries.
• • •
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Look, here's the thing with Fitzy's. The food is mediocre at best. The people who come here are a little rough around the edges sometimes. However, if you're drunk (or hungover) and you just want some greasy food and hang around people who are loud and ridiculous, this is the place to go. It's never made me sick or anything, so there is that, but it's not a place I consider eating at frequently. When I do, I get the manhole cover pancake. It's pretty good.
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To be fair, before the Walmart was put in, this shopping center was pretty much dead. The Taco Bell was gone, and it was pretty much just a laundromat and a Chinese place. These days, there are a few good food options up there (and you can cross the street for a few more). It's not as exciting as a mall or even most little shopping centers. You can go a few more miles north of this location up to Maxtown and Westerville Rd to find a Kroger, Meijer, Game Stop, several restaurants, Classics bar, and more interesting stuff. It's adequate if you need to pick up a few things or do some minor Xmas shopping, but it's not the kind of place where I'd tell people to go to enjoy an afternoon. There is a really nice little park bench area which is nice to sit at for a bit, though.
• • •
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