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My latest Android Apps Weekly is out! This is my last episode before the 3 year anniversary (episode 156, because 52 weeks x 3 years = 156 and I have never missed a week). This week's show is still good though, but one of the more sloppy I've done while testing out some new stuff :)

Video - linked below
Written -
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+Joseph Hindy. Okay thank you. I'm pretty sure it's me. I know because I checked the day and time that the winner (me) signed up for the giveaway which was August 21 at 3:30 pm and then I got an email confirming that I entered the give away at 3:36 pm that same day.. Also it says the winner lives in California USA and that is where I live. Or what do you think? Do you think it's me after what i've said?

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Joseph Hindy

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Okay folks, as promised, here is 10 minutes of no-nonsense Nougat straight to the face! :D I'm really proud of this one.
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+Rob Watkins thank you sir =) I appreciate it. MKBHD beat me to it by an hour. Le sigh. Almost lol. 
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Joseph Hindy

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giant sigh
All the data mining Facebook does on me, and THIS is the suggested ad? 
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+V. Eduardo
hides iPad
Nuh uh! 
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Joseph Hindy

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The latest #AAPodcast is live! This week it's just +Jonathan Feist and myself as we weave about the various tech topics from the last week and we even respond to some tweets this time (to see what it was like to talk to people lol).

Anyway, we're on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and all apps that scrape those!
Join Jonathan Feist and Joe Hindy for more talk about Android and the tech world on the Android Authority Podcast. This week the duo talk about Google Duo, the world's fastest mobile networks, new phone rumors from Nokia and Google, and take a few minutes to discuss how bad cloud storage can be. Luckily, we take your comments and opinions to get a feel for how Duo is treating you, then you help us think outside the box for file management needs, ...
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Forget this podcast, Nougat is here! Wait, please don't forget the podcast, too bad it's lost in the shuffle though. 
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Joseph Hindy

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Oh goodness gracious. One point away! ONE POINT AWAY. About time to go on a losing streak lol
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+Jeffrey Young no but I did get like 10 of them. So many primary weapons are 335 or 334 now.

Bought invective from Xur, feels like a pretty good week =) 
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Joseph Hindy

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I'm beginning to think that the net neutrality people are starting to step outside of the bounds of their core ethos to condemn everything they simply don't like and calling it a "breach of net neutrality" instead of just saying "this rubs me the wrong way personally". Throwing around what clout you have like that lowers your standard and makes it more difficult to tell whether you just don't like something or you're defending an actual standard.

So let's talk about t-mobile one. Apparently, the EFF is all up in arms because this optional plan gives you unlimited data, but only if you agree to view all video content at 480p. I guess this is apparently a breach of "net neutrality" because it introduces a sort of paid prioritization where people who pay more per month get full HD video capabilities.

Is it skeevy and uncool? Sure. I can agree to that. I like my video 1080p like most people. But against the law? I don't know that it is.

From where I'm sitting, all the content is delivered as quickly as possible to consumers. YouTube videos at 480p load just as fast as ones at 1080p. It seems more like a data saving initiative during peak times in heavily populated zones than it does a prioritization. After all, even if the content is of lower quality, your still getting it just as quickly as someone who is paying extra. It just looks nicer on theirs.

What I find ironic is that many people called out t-mobile for binge on, saying that it was a prioritization of content (you get it for free if you watch the services that joined up).

Now that t-mobile would be forcing it on all video content, it's suddenly bad for net neutrality again?

This is another one of those things that I just don't know. The information coming at me is highly focused on driving a preconceived narrative rather than the deliverance of facts, and virtually no sources I've read today have allowed me to form my own opinion on the matter.

While I appreciate the effort, I don't think it's necessary to brand me as an anti net neutrality person just because I have more questions. That makes me instantly leary to trust what I'm reading. If it were really that cut and dry, why would all these sites feel the need to use such aggressive verbiage? A standard listing of the facts should lead one to the logical conclusion.

The fact that it's not so cut and dry makes me question the validity of the original statement to begin with that t-mobile is breaking any rules at all. More than likely, I think it runs the EFF the wrong way, and they're using their platform to make it sound more serious than it is.

From where I'm sitting and with what info I know, the t-mobile One plan is one of many plans that the carrier has. You can easily opt out of this by not signing up for the plan at all and, as far as every source I've seen states, t-mobile isn't forcing anyone onto it anyway. So really, the only people on the plan are people who want to be on the plan. Everyone else, like me, is totally unaffected and I'll still have my 1080p cake and eat it too.

Just like Binge On was, because you could turn that off and ignore it too if you wanted to.

Seems like an okay situation to me, but because the information that's been delivered to me today has been (I suspect intentionally) incomplete, I can't say that I know for sure. After all, these days, it's hard to tell what the information is trying to say versus what the writer is trying to make the information say.

tl;dr, unless I see some better evidence to contradict the position, I think the t-mobile one plan is fine and everyone is just freaking out. 
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+Sowande Brown-Lawson Lol yeah, he does seem to like rubbing right up on that line, but he hasn't crossed it yet.
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Joseph Hindy

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If you're comparing premium flagship devices to $400 budget flagships by vocally dismissing the features of premium flagships because you don't like them and then saying "might as well get this cheaper phone", you're not a reviewer, you're an advertising pawn for those other companies. 
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+Joseph Hindy​ actually the only control the manufacturer of a device has, regarding the devices radio sensitivity, is the design and placement of the antennas. Given all devices with a given SoC have equivalent radios, the only differences in radio frequency signal sensitivity, and the differences can be, and are, significant, are almost exclusively controlled by the devices antennas. Minor changes in antenna, location, orientation, and physical properties have a drastic effect on antenna gain, impedance, polarization, and radiation pattern, which is what determines how efficiently signals are transferred between cell tower and device.

As far as how many people are affected by this goes, it is kind of hard to prove. The problem is how much money the cell carriers are spending on network coverage is based on population density. Getting those numbers is difficult because the census Bureau lumps urban and suburban together into urban, and what is not urban is rural, roughly 80% of the US population live in urban areas, and 20% rural according to the US census. In independent studies though, it is estimated that approximately 50% of the people reported as living in urban areas actually live in the suburbs. Cell coverage is not nearly as reliable in suburban areas than it is in the cities. I live 16 miles from the geographic center of the Reno/Sparks metropolitan area, yet their is only a single cell tower per carrier within a 5 mile radius of my house. So the argument could be made that 50% or more of the population, at least out here in the western US live in marginal signal areas, making this an important issue, at least to them.

By the way, I really enjoyed your overview video on Android Nougat. 
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Joseph Hindy

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So, +Mandi Gussler and a couple of her friends like to watch tons of anime and wanted to make a podcast. They asked me to help them, I said okay, and now they're on Google Play and iTunes. I'm too noob to be of any use for an anime podcast, but they seem to be having fun even with my idiocy included lol. If you want to check it out, the link is below (or just search the name Animoo on GPlay or iTunes, they're also on social media in various places).
Check us out =) 
Three friends embark on an adventure to enjoy as much anime as possible!
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+Joseph Hindy pffft talk about your self, I'm and animo expert. 🤓
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Joseph Hindy

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Gonna be doing a big ole overview video of Android Nougat. Should be done later today, possibly tomorrow morning =) 
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Your videos are such a professional. 
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Joseph Hindy

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And boom goes the dynamite. Videos and articles incoming from all over the web lol.
Get #AndroidNougat and all of its sweet, new features on select #Nexus devices. Updates start rolling out today.
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Look I have mate 7 Huawei y6 pro and lumia 640 xl.. should I be happy or depressed? 
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Joseph Hindy

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My latest Android Apps Weekly is live! Published a little earlier than usual (by about 9 hours lol) because I'll be busy around then and I wanted to make sure it was out :)

Written version -
Video version - linked below

I hope everyone enjoys!
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+Mohsen Koolaji I'll give it a look. Also, thanks for posting it on the appropriate post =) 
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Joseph Hindy

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Happy #joescaturday everyone! Most of the pictures taken this week were by +Mandi Gussler​ because she remembered and I didn't lol. Been a busy week. I envy the dogs and their chillness.

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The staff there is rude, dumb, stoned, or some mixture of all three. Ordered a #2 with NO mayo or onions. They gave me mayo and onions. Got a fresco sauce on the side for fries and they didn't include it. That place is a freaking mess. Make sure you check your ENTIRE order before leaving the parking lot. Seriously.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
Every time I come in here, there is a new crew of people working. I have to wonder what's going on behind the scenes that's making everyone quit this place over and over again. In any case, the ever changing line of workers that passes through this place means everyone is perpetually new and it makes for a slow experience. The company really needs to look into why they can't hold on to employees at this store. As an add-on to Darryn's comment. I'm given to understand that Tosha is their general manager. If she's like that to customers, I can't imagine her treating her employees better. Maybe that's why they keep quitting and no one with experience is ever behind the counter.
• • •
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
Good store, most people are friendly. Their inventory is kind of hit or miss sometimes. Some days they'll have bread and milk, other days they won't. Also, the store closes an hour earlier than it says on Google Maps.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
15 reviews
I usually only come here for lunch and their early and mid shift employees seem to have a decent grapple on things. Their evening shift are a bunch of lazy, stoner idiots who seem to represent every argument the Republicans have against raising minimum wage to $15/hr. Despite being one of 3 cars in the drive thru, I was there for almost 20 minutes and two employees were outside smoking and goofing around. I'm certain they rang up my order a la carte instead of meals (showed up on the screen as such and they assured me it was right). To top it off, they got my order entirely wrong and when I asked the guy for lots of ketchup (we had 3 combo meals), he gave us 3 packets of ketchup. Also, the food was old (the chicken patties were dark brown and dried out like you see when they spend several hours under a heat lamp). If you go here, do it for breakfast or lunch. Avoid the evening shift like the plague unless you're really desperate (like drunk walking from the strip club across the street or something) or just go a couple miles to the one on Dublin Granville Rd. There's also one 2 miles away in Westerville. Take the extra 10 minutes and get the right food. If you do come here after 5pm, expect subpar, lukewarm food, the wrong food, to be charged too much for it, and to wait eternity for it. Read the other reviews, my experience is not something that rarely happens here. You don't get a 2.8 rating (as of December 2015) with a recommendation to go somewhere else when you do a good job. This place sucks.
• • •
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Not open at night anymore? That's the best time to eat it! I'm actually genuinely upset this place lost the "open 24 hours" thing.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
I bought a new bed there last year. Friendly service, nice store. Would recommend.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago