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I did a big ole video about Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Seriously, it's 10 minutes of Marshmallow straight to the face bone. I hope everyone enjoys it :)
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Personally I prefer the paged layout of the app drawer because you usually can remember where which app is and can go there by muscle memory. But that's just my 2¢
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Joseph Hindy

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So last night I reported that impersonator. During the process, I had to send in a picture of my driver's license to prove I am who I say I am. 

I kindly asked to have a verified user badge in the complaint because, yknow, they have my freaking driver's license. They know I'm me.

Them not giving me one at this point has me all like...
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Yeah, website verification and account verification is not the same thing. Being here since the start, one would think that the account verification process would have rolled out somewhat wider than just a handful of celebrities. 
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Joseph Hindy

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I'm Joe Hindy, yes I'm the real Hindy, all these other Joe Hindys are just imitating.

Jokes aside, I guess I have an impersonator. If you see this profile around, pay it no heed, it is not me and it's been reported to G+. Why anyone would want to impersonate me is a mystery. I guess all the talented bloggers have verified user badges =P

Anyway, yeah, ignore that person. Hopefully they'll be gone soon.

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+Joseph Hindy Really? 😕 But he lives in Canada. I thought Canadians would be... well, nicer. 😂 (with the exception of Bieber of course)
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Joseph Hindy

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Now let's see if I can share the right link for this week's podcast! Stupid Google+ notifications getting me all screwed up lol.
Podcast 034: Joe doesn't like children. Also, Nexus!

Joe has a little rant about children, but we spend most of our time talking enthusiastically about the new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Enjoy AAPodcast #034
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You could rant about Josh and his secret apple love affair lol deep down he sounds like he loves it
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Joseph Hindy

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A few quick thoughts about this Lenovo Y50-70 Touch

So I got this laptop a couple of weeks ago, thought it'd be nice to write up a few things about it just in case anyone's interested. Not really a review, just some observations about it.

I've actually not heard a lot of good things about this series of laptop. I got it for like $250 less than normal because I got an open box deal at Best Buy and decided that the risk was worth it for how little I actually paid for it ($850).

Okay, let's do this:

The specs are pretty decent.
8GB expandable to 32GB (I chose not to expand it)
NVIDIA GTX 960m which is actually quite good coming from the 540m of my last laptop (RIP).
i7 4720HQ (4 cores + hyperthreading) + Intel HD 4600 graphics
15.6", 1080p display. It is a touch panel. Pretty sure it's IPS.
Backlit chicklet keyboard (red)
Broadcom 802.11ac wireless and Bluetooth
2.1 speakers (there's a tiny little sub on the bottom of the laptop)
128GB Crucial SSD (I installed this myself)

I'll start here because this will be short. Performance has been fantastic. Literally the best laptop I've ever owned. The competition has been relatively weak (it replaced a Toshiba Satellite from 2009). I had an ASUS ROG with a 660m and i7 that was pretty beastly, but this one edges it out, especially in video rendering and heavier games.

My desktop easily beats it out, but only because it's a desktop. If the laptop specs were converted to desktop version of the same chips, that desktop would destroy mine. If that makes sense lol.

Overall, great performance. No problems loading things, no lag in games (I don't really have "the newest" games, so all the ones I have run at max settings without a problem). Renders videos pretty quickly.

I use Windows 8.1 on this as I don't trust the Windows 10 drivers yet.

The design is a bit hit and miss. The top and bottom clamshells are metal which looks fantastic but seem to pull the oils directly off of my fingers at every opportunity. I will frequently have to wipe this thing off.

The inside keyboard area is a soft-touch matte plastic. Feels and looks great but like the metal on the outside, the fingerprints seem to just appear here. 

The screen, bezel, and pretty much everything in this area is one giant pane of glass. This took me off guard but I realize this is due to the touch capabilities (I would think). As you can imagine, it's also a fingerprint magnet. 

The thing is a 15.6" laptop but thanks to the ridiculous bezels on the screen, it has the footprint of a 17-inch laptop. This was infuriating while buying a laptop cooler (getting ones for laptops this big is a pain in the ass, and expensive). Lots of unused space in the screen area. This could've easily have been a 17-inch screen without increasing the overall size of the laptop one bit.

Overall, this thing LOVES fingerprints and it's hard to keep it looking clean. Other than that, it looks and feels awesome.

My two concerns:
1. The hinge is centered and doesn't stretch to the edges. I'll be opening this from the center only to avoid any potential weak points or stressing the hinge too much. It seems...fragile.
2. They keyboard flexes a bit when I really punch the keys. I can't treat this like my mechanical keyboard or I'll break the damn thing. Gonna have to re-learn how to type on chicklet keyboards.

Despite its build materials, it doesn't feel like it can take a beating. I'll be taking extra care of it.

Cooling is kind of a point of contention. It has a dual-fan set up which is better than my last laptop. There is also a filter to help keep out dust and dog hairs which I love.

On the other hand, the fans are WAY too close together and that prevents it from really breathing. 

Idle and light use temps rarely hit 50C which is okay and tend to stay in the lower 40C, high 30C range (on a really cold day, I've seen it get as low as 32 but it was like 60F in my apartment that day).

However, under load the thing gets up to about 80C and while that's still well within spec, I don't like my things getting that warm. I have a laptop cooler. The simple act of blowing cooler air into this thing is quite dramatic as the laptop fans don't really pull much in aside from the small area they cover. Full load temps drop about 10C. I can live with 70C under full load. The laptop cooler doesn't affect idle or normal use temps hardly at all but it does keep them steady in that 40C-50C range. Full load tested with Prime95.

The truly irritating part is that the vent is on the back of the laptop ABOVE the monitor hinge. That means it blows the hot air right up the screen (thing of it like the defrost on your car). The top of the keyboard and screen get warmer than usual as a result. I don't know what to think of this aside from the idea that it was probably a bad idea.

The cooling, like the design, is good most of the time but there are some concerns. With a cooler and some care, I foresee no long term problems. 

Lol, this is a gaming laptop. 

Okay so this thing has this little 2.1 thing going on. My ASUS ROG had this as well but it didn't take me long to blow that tiny sub the hell out so I'm taking it a bit easier on this one.

This laptop can get loud and the sound actually sounds pretty decent (for laptop speakers, obviously real computer speakers are going to sound better). I'm not going to stress it because I know what those little itty bitty subs on the bottom sound like when they've been blown out and it sounds like garbage. 

Even at half volume, I'm pretty sure this is the loudest laptop I've ever owned. Thanks to the sub, the sound of bassy stuff is there, but, again, these are laptop speakers. They sound great for laptop speakers, but can't compare to a dedicated setup or a good pair of headphones/IEMs/etc.

This pissed me off. I can upgrade the RAM to 32GB. That's it. No mSATA, only one HDD bay, no DVD drive. Not much I can do to upgrade this thing unless I replace the entire damn hard drive or upgrade the RAM. Disappointing, but I can live with it.

Okay last section. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the experience of this device. The keyboard works well, the speakers sound good enough, and the performance is fantastic. 

The design looks phenomenal but it's hard as hell to keep clean. The cooling is a bit lackluster for how powerful this device is and the lack of upgrading is disappointing. However, 2 out of 3 of these things are minor, personal nitpicks and the third is easily fixed with a $25-$50 laptop cooler. 

One thing I've been excited to actually try is Windows 8.1 with a touch screen. It's a totally different experience with a touch panel. Swiping between apps, opening the charms menu, etc are all not only simpler, but also more ergonomic than I thought they'd be. Windows 8.1 is awesome with a touch panel. 

Wrap up
Overall, considering I paid $850 for a 960m and an i7 4720HQ, I couldn't possibly be happier with this thing. On Amazon, I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars thanks to its few issues, but I really don't see why people hate the Y-series laptops out of Lenovo because this one is delightful. A bit fragile considering its build materials? Yeah and I do dislike how little I can actually tinker with it. However, all things considered, I paid $850 for a laptop I probably would've paid $1100 for anyway. It's good, but only as long as you're careful and you don't mind a single hard drive set up.

What I liked better about my Toshiba Satellite from 2009
1. The Toshiba was a tank. It was cheap, hollow-y plastic, but I really tossed that thing around and it took it for 6 years.
2. It also only had 1 HDD bay, but it had an mSATA slot if I needed it.
3. FAR easier to pull apart to clean and/or install new parts (Toshiba was even worse with upgrades, but I did change out the hard drive a few times).

What I liked better about the ASUS ROG
1. Two HDD bays, more upgrade options.
2. FAR easier to pull apart for whatever. Even easier than the Toshiba was. It was like ASUS WANTED people to go in there.
3. Bigger screen (17" vs 15.6"). Both were FHD.
4. Backlight on the keyboard was a more neutral white. Minor detail.
5. Way better cooling. 
6. Built like a brick shit house. Relatively certain I could bludgeon someone to death with the ASUS ROG.

What I like about Lenovo over the Toshiba
1. Everything I didn't mention above. Aside from those things, the Y50-70 Touch is better at everything else.

What I like about Lenovo over the ASUS ROG
1. Better speakers. Barely. Actually they're pretty much the same, but the Lenovo is WAY louder.
2. Better specs (results in better experience, better performance in games, better compatibility with games, etc, this is a pretty big deal)
3. The keyboard is easier to type on. The chicklet keyboard is more responsive. This is probably subjective and I accept that.
4. Touch screen makes Windows 8.1 fun again.
5. While the ROG definitely had a more durable design, the Lenovo definitely looks way cooler.
6. Portability. Despite having almost an identical footprint (that of a 17-inch laptop, they take up the same amount of square feet on a desk), the Lenovo is noticeably thinner, lighter, and, therefore, more portable. It weighs about a pound less. 
7. The fans have actual filters. Win.

What I hate about all 3 of them
1. All touchpads suck balls. 
2. Keyboard flex sucks balls.
3. Windows 10 on all 3 of them have problems.

Anyway, thanks for reading :) just felt like rambling a bit lol.
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+Joseph Hindy :) that's good.
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Getting REALLY tired of your shit Google Chrome. 21% battery drain, 9 hours of connection time. 
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Switched to Firefox, used it all day. No discernible battery drain. Screen is now my biggest battery drain as it damn well should be. Going to bed with 62% battery instead of 30% like last night. Definitely getting 24+ hours on this charge.

Screw you Chrome Browser. 
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Joseph Hindy

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Chrome started acting goofy so I opened up the old task manager.

2GB...2-effing-GB. What the hell are you doing Chrome? I mean, it could've been a website running away with itself, but I've never seen anything like a web browser eating a 2GB chunk (+ almost 10% CPU) of my memory before. That's insane!
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+Joseph Hindy which extensions do you have installed because "just those 2 tabs" generated 10 processes on this screen alone! I find that almost as appalling as the single process taking up 2 GB. BTW another ¾ of a GB go towards another 2 Chrome processes... 
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And the great Joe Hindy impersonator scandal of 2015 has come to an end. Peace out girl scout. 
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And you don't live in Canada....i know your bald twin does...
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Oh boy it's that time of year again #marshmallow

Let's see what the final version is all about eh? Flashing this on a Nexus 5.
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+Bob Summit to answer the other question, I did get a new tablet from the recall. Still gotta send my old one back. 
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The Nexus builds come marching out hoorah, hoorah.
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Still syncing
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My latest Android Apps Weekly is live
I had to say "brofist"...makes me feel dirty.
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The game is pretty fun though and I like Pewdiepie so I have no complaints 
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Not open at night anymore? That's the best time to eat it! I'm actually genuinely upset this place lost the "open 24 hours" thing.
Public - a month ago
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Good store, most people are friendly. Their inventory is kind of hit or miss sometimes. Some days they'll have bread and milk, other days they won't. Also, the store closes an hour earlier than it says on Google Maps.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Good establishment. Good selection. One of the better businesses in a run down area.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
I order here about once a month to every couple of weeks. I love that they deliver to me even though I'm just a little bit outside of their delivery zone (I try to tip well to express thanks). The food here is pretty good. I usually get the chicken gyro and I've never had one that I was dissatisfied with. The fries can be a little salty sometimes but generally they're pretty good. I also love their pecan baklava because it's delicious. Sometimes I'll order for several people and they haven't messed up my order yet which is always a good sign. Overall, I'd recommend this place. Especially if you live near it and want it delivered. It can get a little expensive if you're ordering for one person for delivery so if you're alone you may just want to go up there. The food is good and the service is generally fast and polite. Can't ask for more than that.
• • •
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11 reviews
I bought a new bed there last year. Friendly service, nice store. Would recommend.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Good little corner store. Has some basic stuff but really only good for smokes and beer. Good candy selection, poor food selection. It is what it is.
Public - 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago
It serves decent food even if it's a little overpriced. I've eaten here a couple of dozen times and it's never made me sick. The portions are good (rice + meal = two meals for me, I refrigerate half of it) and the food is flavorful. Surprisingly good considering its location and the look of the building. The fountain inside the front door is a nice touch. Overall a positive experience just a little expensive.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago