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I sympathize with a lot of the criticism about the privileged whining that occurs in Girls. However, my feeling is that anyone over 35 probably underestimates how hard it is to kick-start a career these days. When I left university in '95 (a hard year in the job market) I sent a no-experience CV to every reasonable publisher in the south of England (about 60), which within eight weeks resulted in one interview and one decent salaried job. Not many people were taking that type of initiative at the time, so the effort paid off, and those who "failed" mostly got non-artsy office jobs if they were willing. These days many graduates are making that kind of effort, and the salaried job is now often an unpaid internship, and the non-artsy office jobs are also highly sought-after. In the face of this it takes great character (often lacking in the early 20s) not to feel hopeless and resentful.
'Zeitgeisty' is the term used to describe the new HBO series Girls. Is it hype or does the young pretender have what it takes?
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