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Sweet, but not sickly. As GenX finally gets over its extended adolescence, I predict the rebirth of sincerity in cultural production.
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Haven't seen the movie yet, wife and I are looking forward to it.

Have you seen it? +Joseph Gelfer
In 1985 2,491 pilgrims completed the Camino. In 1995 there was 19,821, then in 2005 there was 93,921. These are only the pilgrims that asked for and received a Compostela, therefore many more completed the routes. 
Yes, I watched it last night. It was obvious how it was going to pan out, but I was in the mood for something gentle.
My first job out of university was to do research for another person's book, Sacred Places, Pilgrim Paths: An Anthology of Pilgrimage. It's an interesting genre of storytelling.
Just finished watching it. Definitely worth watching. Awesome.
You think we're adults now? Interesting. I think you're probably right. Every five years I think about creating an edited collection of essays, titled something like, "Whatever happened to GenX? They don't write, they don't call..." or "Sorry, am I in your way? How GenX relates to the Boomers and GenY".
I've had similar feelings: GenX seems to be the forgotten generation.
+Joseph Gelfer I couldn't agree more. Being one of them it's a struggle at times. We are a generation that asks questions to better understand and are often a generation of "why not" while having to answer to a generation that frowns upon questions and simply asks "why".
Ok. Can I count on you for a chapter?
Yes: I'm sure I could come up with something.
Bah ha ha -Frances Bean’s mortified response – suggests we are entering a new era of fail, one in which a parent’s awkward behavior isn’t of the adorable “What’s this button do?” variety. Instead, it may be more like “S#&% My Dad Said At Burning Man.”
My 87 year old neighbour and I have a laugh and a tea but he gives me a stern 'oh don't you Facebook me' along with my child 'oh mum take a photo but DON'T post it!' 
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