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Real curious what happened here. Those tweets are erratic but with the current climate in the US the last 2 years of police news make this odd. 

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Excellent video by +quidsup  demonstrating Rsync

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FreeNAS 9.3.1 released by +Jordan Hubbard 
This is a logical continuation from the 9.3 series and, as such, does not have "RELEASE" per-se but may be found in and on the web server on the 9.3-STABLE train

#FreeNAS   #NAS   #FreeBSD   #Storage  

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IT Security Researcher, Davide "GiRa" Girardi, tries to gain full access to an Active Directory Administrator Account. Access the full video here -

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Japanese hunter. 
4 1/4" blade and 4" cutting edge. 8 1/2" overall
5/32" thick O1 tool steel. Scandi grind. Polished bevels. 
Heat treat scale left on blade face. 
Handle is "natural" canvas micarta w/ black paracord wrap. 
Black kydex sheath with belt loop. 
Comes with COA. 
$160 shipped in US. +$15 international shipping. Paypal. 
Email me at if interested.
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I've done this so many times my genes are back to normal? Hah
Just ONE night of bad sleep can alter your genes: Pulling an all-nighter damages the DNA in our biological clocks, claims study: 

It impacts body temperature, appetite and brain activity. SLEEP IS SO CRITICAL to your health! I know this is a difficult one for so many people, myself included. But there are strategies you can use to improve your sleep as I discussed with Shawn Stevenson in Episode 915 of The LLVLC Show:
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