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USB und RS232 Devices - Ethernet / LAN Devices - IRTrans LAN Controller/XL - Very high IR Sending power - Can even send IRDA Codes - Learns almost all IR Codes - Devices for B&O™ available - No CPU load for the Host PC - In up to 256 Rooms / Zones - Compatible with CCF Codes ...
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This is Google's largest renewable energy investment to date.
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They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but are we all apple trees? Not necessarily!
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A hardware compatibility survey of infrared devices (laptops, PDAs, printers, dongles, chipsets, remote controls and others) and their capabilities with Linux/IrDA and LinuxRemoteControl (LIRC). As well as tips and tricks to get them identified and working with your Linux laptop or PDA.
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Evolving is a fact, Anunnagi style…
(For the deep thinker only)
Growth, expansion, change, mutation and even genetic manipulation, which results in alteration of a species are indeed facts, yet, the natural system works by what’s called time.
Time was needed to evolute or evolve, in all it took sometime before these animals developed into the kinds that we are familiar with today, although the species developed from the simplest form of life they developed into a wide variety of many different characteristics, which includes us (humans)
The Anunnagi established limits whereby no group outstepped its bounds and became mingled with another, once the patterns were established, the prototype of a species was complete, it was stabilised, and would therefore reproduce copies of itself, there was a control over growth, death and extinction.
Certain species were allowed to flourish and yet others were destroyed or simply overpowered by more dominant species or became extinct, environment changed, climate changed and many species that were a part of the chain of life were phased out, while new ones came in for the forward thrust of life.
As all living things make their journey back to godhood, the meaning of life is to complete the circle from whence you come, you must return.
As a living entity, growth and death, distinction and extinction, these were still in accordance with the will of the Anunnagi, Neteraat; there were other interventions in life’s master plan.
The extinction of animals has occurred on account of drastic changes such an incident took place during the age of great reptiles.
Scientists are still trying to understand what caused the dinosaurs to disappear; discoveries of their fossilised remains have been quite common and indicate that they perished in an era when very cold temperatures dominated the planet.
The Earth was stuck by an asteroid, causing its poles to tilt, throwing the planet into an ice-age, this massive meteorite upon impact created large wind and sand storms, which laid blankets of ash over the planet killing the dinosaurs and most other life forms.
What happen is those aquatic beings that existed deep within the sea, many thousands of feet beneath survived as life forms, such as the microbes, the asteroid was done on purpose.
In time with evolution they became algae and fungi again and life flourished under the seas while there was no longer a surface on Earth.
The dust cloud blocked out the light of the sun and there was simply void and darkness upon the face of the deep waters, yet life dwelled therein.
We are talking about many millions of years, life “crawled” onto the land that in time surfaced as the plane tilted on a 23 degree axis and the dust cloud parted and the sun’s light hit the waters and the system of evaporation and condensation and the condensed vapours became clouds, land mass eventually appeared.
Creatures as the whales crawled out of the sea, walked the land and in time went back into the sea, today they are descendants of animals that could live on land as well as their original home which is water.
This is NOT the creation story, in reality creation as mentioned before simply means “growth”, it is a reoccurring incident each time with slightly different events, so it is a creation story, but not the creation story.
Whales today, have lungs, this is evidence that this origin stems from a mammal that once lived on, land as well as its original home, water.
In fact, the whales still have the bones of a five fingered hand covered by the skin and flesh of their paddle-like flippers and some have hip bones.
Whales have flat tails which help o rise easily to the top of the water for air, and when they swim they use their flippers as oars, they have no scales or gills and the skeletal and circulatory systems and their brains are quite unlike those of a fish, the whale is ever changing, adapting itself to a new environment as do all living things that respond to the condition of “Survival of The Fittest”
Simply whales are much like humans and dolphins belonging to the whale family , humans are mammals and reptilians, Scientists today are now saying that dolphins are closer to humans than monkeys are, whales are mammals and reptilians, present day Scientists have no classification of this without confessing their religious theories are wrong, their scientific data is incomplete.
“Winged Fowl”
The winged fowl bird is a descendant of a higher order of fish whose fins were enlarged and thinned, thus enabling them to fly above the waters.
Birds would have started out as reptilians, many were and at first, merely skimmed the surface, that is leaped from the water the way the salmon does as it travels up stream, as time passed, its abilities became more developed and it took flight, a leap or a jump is still flight.
The salmon still takes flight and there are still some varieties of fish that display this trait, the most well-known of these are the flying fish, there are several other varieties of fish that are known to jump out of the water and glide occasionally, like the whale and the dolphin, etc.
So birds come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and species; they are among the most widely known animals, for this reason they are featured in the legends and myths of many societies.
Not all birds can fly, but monotheist, or those believing in the Bible or Qur’an, must realise that their god makes quite a few mistakes pertaining to what is referred to as fowls or fowl of the air and neglects to mention fowls of the lakes.
Genesis 1:20 clearly states that birds were in the sea first, quote:
“And Elohyeem said let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creatures that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmaments of the heavens”
The separation and “waters” is inclusive, meaning that this fowl was also created by the Elohyeem out of the waters, as a part of the abundant life.
All birds came from water, even as far back as the pterodactyl, this is why a duck is considered a bird or a fowl, but has webbed feet, and is one of many that belong to the same family.
Chickens have webs and scales on their feet, and can’t fly for long distances, Penguins have feathers like scales, flippers like wings, and webbed feet, and they don’t fly, so to assume as the Bible and the Qur’an does, that all fowl fly is an absolute untruth, though most birds are capable of flight, yet there are others who are not, Dodo, Ostrich.
Pterodactyl, various small, mostly tailless, extinct flying reptiles of the order Pterosauria that existed during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, from the New Latin Pterodactylus, reptile genus: Greek pteron, feather, wing; from –PTER, “feather, wing” and from the Greek dakulos, meaning “finger”
Ask yourself, why doesn’t your Bible and Qur’an speak of flying rodents or flying reptiles, but only flying fowl, the reason is simply because the authors of the Bible and Qur’an didn’t now.
Leviticus 11:13-19, it calls a bat a fowl, the Hebrew word for fowl in the quote is ofe, meaning “winged bird” and the word for bat in the quote is atallafe, “bat”
“Whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters, that shall be an abomination unto you, and these are they which ye shall have in abomination among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray, and the vulture, and the kite after his kind; every raven after its kind; and the owl, and the night hawk, and the cuckoo, and the hawk after his kind, and the little owl, and the cormorant, and the great owl, and the swan, and the pelican, and the gier eagle, and the stork, the heron after her kind, and the lapwing, and the bat”
(A bat is any of various nocturnal flying mammals of the order Chiroptera, having membranous wings that extend from the forelimbs to hind limbs or tail and anatomical adaptations for echolocation, by which they navigate and hunt prey)
So a bat is not a fowl or a bird, but more closely related to a rodent, an outright mistake on the part of the God of the Bible.
Isaiah 2:20 makes it clear that this god knew bats, because he feared them as being idols of worship or for worship.
So what is a fowl..
The word fowl is from the Middle English foul, from Old English fugol, meaning “flight” yet most of the creatures declared fowls don’t fly.
All are related in some way to sea creatures having scales, webs and water proof feathering, birds come in all sizes.
If they are called a bird or a fowl, they should be able to fly, regardless of their size, because pterodactyls were larger than any bird we have today and they flew.
As was stated earlier, the animals mated within their own species, and did not mix, however intervention by Extra-terrestrial (Anunnagi) alchemists and geneticists experimenting and tipped the scales, thus producing disorder, proof of disorder is found in the offspring of various animals that were mated out of their class, this was done by genetic breeding.
It’s the religious misinterpretation of superior beings that leaves the impression that they all must be good, the term God even in the Bible, which gave birth to the Qur’an is sometimes applied to evil beings, disagreeable beings as in all cultures.
The word A’aferti has its roots in a’fara, “dust” and implies the taking on of dust particles, dehydrated blood, yet it’s translated as pharaoh as a human yet spiritual god, who all gave reverence to the Anunnagi (Neteraat) which has its roots in Na Ta Ra, which means “watchers or guardians” spiritual beings who can personify.
So both principles are covered, and there were and are good physical people, bad physical people; good spiritual beings and bad spiritual beings.
The sad thing is that these ancient scientists in religion are called god, and religious people respect the perfections and ignore the imperfections that are in creation, or refuse to acknowledge if one god is in control of all things, and he would be responsible for all the imperfections in creation, as well.
Deformities are not god’s fault, many diseases, viruses, are caused by human beings themselves, NO recorded forms of cancer in Tama-Re times, NONE, bad diet, bad health habits, many deformities have occurred with the aid of human kind.
Some examples are AIDS, a man made virus that alters the chromosomes, Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Polio, Herpes, Hydrocephalic, Dwarfism, Gigantism, not to mention many forms of disfiguration, one which stands out in the Bible, is people having six fingers and six toes, which religious people can’t explain if main is in the image and after the likeness of god(Samuel 21:20, 1 Chronicles 20:6) It is clear that all men on the planet are not in the image of god.
Anthropomorphism or not, some have five fingers and some have six.
With these many deformities, like Siamese twins, it is clear that humans were a product of a higher intelligent experiment (look at Hallie Berry’s toes)
Flying rodents and reptiles are not a form of deformity, being they were originally from the sea, some examples are: the bat, a rat like mammal with wings, a rodent is a mammal.
Modern scientists classification: mammal are any of various warm-blood vertebrate animals of the class Mammalia, including human beings, characterized by covering of hair on the skin and, in the female, milk-producing mammary glands for nourishing the young, (from late latin mammalis, of the breast, from Latin mamma, meaning “breast” 
We (humans) are both mammal and reptilians, we are a combination, having both lungs and gills, as well as, wings, just as many snakes and whales have hips without legs, thus humans have wings beneath their arm pits, which they once used to fly, the human body and face is aero dynamic from the top of the head downward, but when standing with a flat face and flat body, they are subject to the dangers of G force.
Humans as descendants of reptilians once swam in the deep seas and breathed using their gills as they did in the water sac of their mother’s wombs.
Now the bats and fowls are unnatural, the bat is the result of the unnatural breeding of the bird which accounts for its wings and the rat which accounts for the fury appearance on the body, bats have a keen sense of hearing, which they use to guide them in their flight, their wings are actually five fingers covered by a thin membrane, bats are the only flying mammals.
Choice bred creatures..
The Aardvark is another choice bred creature, it’s commonly referred to as an “earth pig” some scientists claim that the origin of the aardvark is unknown>it is described as having a stout pig-like body.
Aardvark is a mutation that occurred on account of crossbreeding of the rodent, feline and canine; it is an offshoot in the making of the wild boar, which later was bleached into the albino domestic pig, or souse.
The pork that we eat is a genetic experiment; in fact ALL white or albino reptiles, mammals and fowls are genetic mutants, intentionally bred for human genetic mutants.
Ligers and Tigons/Tiglon, under certain conditions, as in enforced confinement of zoos, tigers have been known to mate with lions, the offspring of such relations are called “Tigons” when the male parent is a tiger, and Ligers when the male parent is a lion, from the Bengal tooth tiger, related to the Saber tooth tiger of pre-historic times.
Also Mules is another mixed animal, it’s the offspring of the horse and donkey, mules are usually sterile because of the chromosomal difference of the parents, interferes with the normal production and maturation of the sex cells, thus mules are incapable of reproducing their own kind, however, female mules can be bred with a male horse or a male donkey and produce a foal, which the Bible Zechariah 9:9 clearly makes a mistake and says a colt is the foal of an ass, big mistake, the foal is an offspring of a mule horse and female mule.
The air that people breathe in daily is still a form of water, water takes many forms and densities, so be they indigenous of this planet or transported to this planet to waters, you could say life on tis planet had its origin in water, rising from the lowest to the highest, the simplest form of animals range from one celled protozoa to animals with a backbone, western world scientists today are in the process of cloning and have done so, a science that the ancient Tama-Re and Sumerians had many millennia ago.
Some humans were bred with reptilians, some with gibbons, and some baboons, resulting in various species of the human race with different natures, some born with the instincts to kill, the results are, some humans are herbivores and carnivorous, some kill for the pleasure of it called serial killers, others for food called hunters and some have a taste for human flesh called cannibals.
2 Kings 6:28-29 and where Israelite women  are boiling and eating their kids and Leviticus 26-29, where they are told to eat the flesh of your sons and daughters>>>>hello<<<
These varying natures in humans, which result in mental disturbances to insanity, are results of genetic tampering and crossbreeding with animals and reptilians.
Genetic splicing and religion..
The fact is that these scientific realities blows the cover off of all religious beliefs that a god said “be” or “let there be” and puff, things came into existence, come on, get real with reality..
Scientific discoveries are making Bibles and Qur’ans appear as what they are, myths and fables that are not supported by any scientific data.
If these scientific facts are true, and they have been true, then the religious concept of creation is wrong, and you don’t need their kind of god to create.
Religion cannot answer to the fact that humans have taken the role of what they call God, or Elohyeem, or Yahweh or Thehos or Allah and are creating and making, so if man is in the image and likeness of God, then God was creating Gods, who will in time do what Gods do, create more Gods, thus man created by god is now creating…
Mind Open…
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A tiny backpack turns a pest into a rescue robot
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