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Nolwenn Edmonds (Edmonds Commerce)
Magento Development Agency in the UK
Magento Development Agency in the UK

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PHP E-Commerce Web Developer

Salary range

Job description
You will be working alongside our small friendly team based in our office in Shipley.

Quiet and peaceful working environment situated close to the canal, you will have a powerful PC supplied running Fedora Linux. We use PHPStorm for the IDE but beyond this you are free to choose your own tools, though we will guide towards our optimal stack.

Our clients are generally SME level E-Commerce businesses with a requirement for highly skilled technical development and debugging support for their online operations.

A large number of our clients work with Magento which is a Zend Framework based E-Commerce system. Recently version 2 was released which includes a large amount of cutting edge technology and architecture. There is a great opportunity to become a skilled Magento developer.

Person requirements
To apply for the role, you should be a strong PHP developer who, given some time to revise, would probably pass your Zend Certified Engineer ( exam. Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming is essential. You must be familiar if not a keen user of Linux and relish the opportunity to work exclusively with Linux on the desktop and on servers.

You do not need any Magento experience, you will quickly gain experience with us however you must be willing and able to learn quickly and make efforts to round out your understanding through practice and study.

If you would enjoy a real challenge rather than just slicing Photoshop designs into Wordpress themes then get in touch!

Flexible working hours - 11am to 4pm core hours - working at your choice between 8am and 8pm, 7.5 hours or more per day, Mon-Fri.

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PHP Developer Leeds Bradford

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