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Bike share in NYC. Finally! +Kiat Huang we're making progress to catch up to TFL.
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Used the bike share to get to work this morning. The bikes are heavy and geared way low, but in general it was great. And I don't have to bike home this evening.
Excellent!  The NY bike system looks very similar to the London ones and if they are, then it means they've come back over the pond ;-)  Hope they catch on, NY has got a lot of potential for cycle leisure and commuting.

     "The cycles and the docking stations are built in Canada and are based on the Bixi cycle rental system that operates in Montreal and other Canadian cities."
The cycles are low-geared to compensate for their weight and to provide a way of limiting their top speed. With the standard 38 tooth front cog and a larger than standard 23 tooth rear sprocket the setting is 32 gear inches in 1st gear, 44 gear inches in 2nd gear, and 60 gear inches in 3rd gear. This gearing is about 22% lower than would be usual on a three-speed cycle of this sort.
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