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If you've found me on here but care to know more, look on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. I have no great love for this service.
If you've found me on here but care to know more, look on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. I have no great love for this service.

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Note: I will visit the Brooklyn location on Tuesday. Comment in this to let me know what I should be looking for.

Note: "celare," which is the name given to the invisible sun in the HTML for the site, is a Latinate word that roughly means "to conceal." One possible further connection (this being entirely speculation) is the phrase "ars est celare artem," which translates to "it is art to conceal art." That second bit is so far unfounded anywhere but in my head.

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"In landscape architecture terms, a forest ring—which Hamilton describes as 'a plant assemblage that is different from the surrounding forest making the features visible from the air;—could be seen as a kind of indirect electrochemical garden taking on a recognizably geometrical form without human intervention.

In effect, their shape is expressed from below. For ambitious future landscape designers, note that this implies a potential use of plantlife as a means for revealing naturally occurring electrical networks in the ground, where soil batteries and other forms of terrestrial electronics could articulate themselves through botanical side-effects.

That is, plant a forest; come back after twenty years; discover vast rings of negative electrochemical charge like smoke rings pushing upward from inside the earth.

Or, of course, you could reverse this: design for future landscape-architectural effects by formatting the deep soil of a given site, thus catalyzing subterranean electrochemical activity that, years if not generations later, would begin to have aesthetic effects."

Some very Numenera-esque ideas could come of this...

Note: the entire BLDGBlog site seems to be down right now, but there's a cached copy here:

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Just gonna leave this here.

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Unlike many hardcore tabletop roleplayers I meet these days, my childhood was one devoted to single-player cRPGs. I enjoyed inhabiting these worlds alone and never really understood why anyone would sit down and run games like D&D. Maybe it was that I didn't have many friends (or at least not many who liked the same stuff). Who knows? But that all changed when I discovered Delta Green. Time has moved on and my gaming habits have changed profoundly, but DG still holds a very special place in my heart. That Arc Dream is rebooting the property fills me with unabashed joy. Please back, share, and help get this amazing game into more hands. Good work, no matter the creator, helps build a stronger tabletop industry. It increases our ecosystem and promotes more, better work. That's always a good thing in aggregate.
The chilling cosmic terror of the Cthulhu Mythos meets covert action and modern conspiracy. DELTA GREEN brings down the thunder at Kickstarter, with the core game long since unlocked and new resources and scenarios being unlocked almost every day.

Massive new sourcebooks are coming:

IMPOSSIBLE LANDSCAPES, a campaign against the King in Yellow.

CONTROL GROUP, a campaign of introductory scenarios.

DEEP STATE, a look at the secret organizations and companies that surround modern-day Delta Green.

And much more when we unlock those.

Back DELTA GREEN at Kickstarter. Get the Agent's Handbook, or the expanded Case Officer's Handbook if you plan to run a campaign yourself. Get THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN, a Gumshoe game by Kenneth Hite and Pelgrane Press. Get OPERATIONAL HISTORY and the HANDLER'S SCREEN. Collect all the adventures and other bonuses that backers have unlocked.

Download the quickstart kit -- rules, scenario, playable characters -- and start playing today.

The apocalypse is here. Let's face it together.

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Hey guys, if you've been waiting to pick up some third party products from DTRPG (including the stuff +Ryan Chaddock and I have done for RCG!) this is a great time! Show some independents the love they deserve :)
DTRPG has a Christmas in July!! Where most titles are 25% off!!
This includes us third party publishers :)

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These are awesome. They remind me of something you would see in Numenera or the Strange. - John

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Our new third party supplement is out:  Whisper Campaigns.  It's a guide to courtly and not-so-courtly intrigue in the Ninth World.  It's got weird noble houses and weird knighthoods.  It's got politically useful cyphers and oddities.  It's got its own special intrigue cypher system.  Oh, and a guide to Iscobal politics!  Fiction by +Joseph DeSimone.  Lots more I'm not mentioning.  

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Hey guys, my psychology lab partner and I are running a short study about the college experience and stress. Your information will only be used for classroom purposes; nothing will be published. It only takes around ten minutes to complete. We’d really appreciate your help filling this out. We’d like to get as many people as possible, so we would appreciate if you repost this on any of your social media outlets.

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So I've posted things like this before, but this one is particularly special. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the grandest collections of art in the world, has digitized and made available over 400,000 works from around the world. It's a stunning compendium of anything and everything you'd ever need to fully realize the aesthetics of the Ninth World. You can view them all here:
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