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Joseph Craig
I'm a computer geek that playes Roleplaying Games and still has toy soldiers... Yeah... I'm a geek.
I'm a computer geek that playes Roleplaying Games and still has toy soldiers... Yeah... I'm a geek.

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I think I'm back on G+ giving it another go. 

+Garrett Robinson Thanks for passing on information about NerdCon. I'm actually moving to MN this year so plan on going to it this year. I consider myself a storyteller third behind Father and Husband. 

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Are you wasting your gifts? Keep it Salty

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Look at Sammy's Moves!

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So I have a question is there an interest in a Campaign Scenario that is not bound to a rule set?

For example I've got a custom world that I have built that I have ran in several systems since it's inception and am thinking about putting out some modules for it and thought it would be a good idea. But we know what Ideas are like.

So I'm throwing a poll to see if there would be interest. I'm reworking my page for it on Obsidian Portal looks like crap where I"m reorganizing everything.
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Yeah I would be interested
Not really
Maybe with more information.

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Sharing my wife's testimony. 

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New episodes are dropping. I'm playing some catch up, so I won't spam the group. Just putting up this one and then my new game that we will squeeze in every now and again... Lot of fun, but more details when I share that one out.
Family Matters, Pt. 4 Our Heroes gather back together and see each other once more. V and the Halis squad patch the crew back together as they set off to Durg. Long has the group awaited their chance to walk into the halls of Durg… Intro music is Cinder…

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See Cassie's Baptism Here!

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Family Matters, Pt.3 Aslan and crew leave Malhavoc and encounters some unexpected guests along the way as V has a reunion with his father… and Etheros The Swift. Intro music is Cinder by Edward Shallow on the Dodecaheadroom album used with creative…
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