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I can feel the love surging across the internets! Haha... People keep asking when the show is coming back, well soon... Trust me it's not dead or anything just going on one of it's many breaks :-P Still episodes of exploring design back logged and and bunch of interviews back logged as well...

Just wait a little bit longer :-D I know it's killing +Devin Becker a little inside each day that passes without a new episode, haha. And I am sure +Andy Moore is twiddling his thumbs waiting as well. :-P
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The best thing me & seb did for our podcast sanity was get a volunteer editor. It's laborious!
It's extremely labor intensive, especially since I like to edit the shows in a very particular way, and try be extremely detailed on the show notes. I am working on getting some one to edit them soon so new shows can get out faster.
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