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Joseph Brewer
I love Sydney, She is my everything
I love Sydney, She is my everything

+Arctic Wolf​ baby I love you so very much!!!!!

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I love you baby +Arctic Wolf

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I love you baby. I had a great time with you. I love you so very much baby girl.
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+Arctic Wolf​ I love you baby. It's coming up a year for us in May and I'm so happy. I love you so very much baby girl. You're mine and I'm keeping you. Why throw down a diamond and pick up a rock. You're special and I love you. Thank you for staying with me baby.

I hate my life. It's not worth living...

Guys I'm new on the Zephyr-os so is there anywhere to download uupdates for the Moto x ghost Roms?

Is there gonna be a v3, officially, for Moto x ghost 2013??

When shall the Moto Ghost get another update? Just curious. Awesome os. Although system UI keeps stopping..weird. Doesn't do it very often
Anyway love it!! 😜

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Motorola’s Moto X Brand Dies to Give Way to Lenovo’s Moto Z - It’s happening, and you sorta kinda wish it wasn’t. Leaker Evan Blass of the @evleaks fame left a cliffhanger on his Twitter handle yesterday, where he claimed that the Moto X is on its way out. Today, through venturebeat, he has revealed that according to marketing material, the Moto X branding is no more, and that it will be replaced with a letter nobody expected after the X… meet the Moto Z. Especifically, the Moto Z Play, Mot...

If only you knew...
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