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Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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9:00 is the reason the multiverse brought me here.

Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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One more thing about Mr. Craig. He stated that his belief in Christianity and specifically, his denomination of Christianity, is a result of his assessment on what doctrine is most logical. Well his logic didn't go far. In fact, I presume that it didn't go past his childhood home. If you're going to decide what doctrine rules your life based on what the most logical religion is, it's only logical to ensure that you have considered every religion that is, at the very least, known to man before arriving at a conclusion. He may be a theologian, but I doubt he has studied every religion out there). That's every religion and every denomination of each religion.

Which brings up the case of "brethren" in his religion which he mentioned. He stated he may not agree with Calvinists and believes their teachings are wrong, but they are all brothers despite - implying they will all go to heaven regardless of which kind of Christian they are. Now I know for a fact that it is stated amongst at least most of the individual denomination's Book of Revelations that any emends made to their Bible is equivalent to a sin against the Holy Ghost and I also know that the law that states false teachings are sins against God is general knowledge. If these are the cases across all the denominations, then they each believe the other will surely burn in hell. Why would Craig believe that his God will overlook the false teachings (whether knowingly or unknowingly it was false) and allow them into the same heaven as he? I observe that he believes his God is an understanding god; one that, therefore, approves of their skeptic nature, if you will. Well I would like to know why the permitted maximum degree of skepticism is set so low. My mistake. There are actually no specifications set forward to endorse the idea of a permitted maximum degree of skepticism. And if your rebuttal is along the lines of "acceptance of Jesus Christ as Earth's Savior and the Son of God is all that is required", does that make being a skeptic to an unspecified and impossibly attainable degree not a sin and therefore those that indulge in such way of thinking are not doomed to hell (that would arguably consist of everyone, ever). If you claim it is still a sin, then I argue that your God permits non-repenters into heaven contrary to general belief. If you say it isn't a sin, then I conclude that there is no such thing as sin sanctioned by God that we can ever have knowledge of as there is neither a way to determine what else is not a sin nor one to determine for what is.

In the event that you say false teaching is a sin, I hysterically consider the scenario for the Calvinists, Baptists, e.t.c. where they commit the sin of "false teaching" and God forgives them, but they never repent so they sin immediately after - and thus the cycle begins. Eventually, God will decide to end the world as we know it and what side of the coin of forgiveness and sin is faced upwards at this time of reckoning will determine the fate of the aforementioned sects of Christianity. If I were in the shoes of one of the cults and it were my fate to burn in hell, I would argue that such abstract elements like probability and time, which had majority roles in the game of sin and forgiveness, were out of my control and not properties that existed in the realm of "free will" that he granted me. Therefore, I should not be held accountable.

Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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pretty forward video. thanks. could you however upload one with better sound?

Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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This is...really weird. taste you like yogurt...huh...

Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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It's always nice to be reminded there are other weird people out there. #neveralone
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Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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How to ensure that Artificial Intelligence is friendly to people?

"We have to ensure that the AI’s motivation systems are engineered in such a way that they share our values. In many ways, it’s a one-of-a-kind challenge for humanity to develop intelligences that will exceed us in the sense that human intelligence is redundant, and yet do it in such a way that human values get carried forward and shape this machine-intelligence future."

#artificialintelligence   #technology   #future  
A computer smarter than humans destroys civilization – it sounds like science fiction but thinking machines clearly pose a threat to our survival, argues the director of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute
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Wooooow...this trailer got you guys good. Right in the sweet spot. It's been purposely edited to seem offensive, but I could almost bet an arm that it won't make black people seem like the victim through out. I think more people need to make it a rule to stay away from their computers when they're angry. Feeling hot-headed? Turn off the computer/phone.

Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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I went outside once..........
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Hey Synth Man! I really like the instrumentals in this but Ice really REALLY does not belong on here. Do you think you could upload a clean version? Here's the instrumental for on the floor:

This really has that old school, R&B, jazzy vibe to it.

Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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Hey! For all you jazz heads, I went through these dreaded comments and the entire internet to get the name of the song at 9:06. It's called "In The Flow" by Althea Rene. Enjoy!

Joseph Ayo-Vaughan

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Why did I laugh hysterically at this?
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