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+snowcat I thought you might like this... This is in Renton, WA, USA. It's in the Seattle area and drivers here are really bad, too!


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+Jenny Kim​ we did it! Steak tacos turned out great! And it did take a bit longer than anticipated but it was worth it.

Ordered another device from the +Google Play store and realized that Google Now still doesn't support package tracing for it. Why +Google why?

Wow, I've never seen Google release a new version of Android, put the fastboot images up for download, push it to all Nexus devices, and push it to AOSP all in one day! Way to go! Finally getting a launch done the right way. I'm impressed!

What are the best NES / SNES emulators for Android? Looking for one for my Nexus 10. Preferably free.

Why is it that G+ scrolling is battery smooth, except when scrolling a post with a quoted section? I can't be the only one...

For those of you with the HTC Sensation, did the screen unresponsiveness go away with an update or a custom ROM? My Amaze has it and its a real deal-breaker for me. Messes up my typing all the time.

HTC Amaze 4G, or Galaxy S II?

Lol @ Apple and the new iPhone 4S. Seriously? All you did was upgrade the processor and 'fix' the antenna. How do you expect that to compete with the newer Android and Windows 7 phones? What happened to being innovators? You suck.

This is such a joke. And the really sad thing is, it'll still sell. I'm glad I don't have Apple stock or I'd be really pissed. I'm getting the Nexus Prime when it comes out.
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