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Decentralized and Open DNS To Defeat Censorship [bitcoin, wikileaks, ...,]
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ODDNS will take some time to evaluate, particularly in light of Google Translate's spotty track record: Meanwhile, I'm concerned that Jimmy Rudolf's quote, "I find it absurd to have to regularly pay for a domain name," may indicate more idealism than practicality. Still hoping for the best: as legislators worldwide continue to bow to the interests of copyright holders, we'll clearly need some alternative(s) to centralized DNS.
From the FAQ, I get the impression that anyone can claim to own any domain with ODDNS. It is up to the client to select which claims to trust.

This is fine if you have an informed userbase, but given that a huge number of users don't even know what DNS is, global adoption will lead to the centralization of trust anyway.

If ODDNS is meant only to supplement existing DNS, then it's simply an automated way to distributing modified HOSTS files across multiple OSs.
one of the things I like about censorship
it protects me and the ones I love from the absolute trash and garbage the some fill their minds and hearts with
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